Friday, April 04, 2008

Public Lending Right

I've been forced to retire to the couch, exhausted from filling in forms for Public Lending Right. Which I've neglected to do for the past 18 years. I did register my first few books but forgot about it after that. For 18 years. Hmm.

Public Lending Right allows British authors to earn a little money when their books are borrowed from libraries. It would never earn me more than a few hundred pounds a year. But you know, I want that money.

It might be safest to stay on couch for a while, with the curtains drawn. Any moment now my modest South London apartment may again be besieged by hordes of the world's most glamorous women, driven mad with desire by my new story in Skin Two. It's probably safest not to answer the door for a while. After filling in these forms, I'm just too tired for company. I had to write down a lot of ISBNs, and now these are 13 digits long, that's a lot of writing.

After mentioning the Barnes and Noble promotion of Lonely Werewolf Girl and The Good Fairies of New York, and saying I'd like to see it, some people sent me pictures from bookshops in the USA. I thought that was extremely nice of them. These are from Matt in Jackson, Mississippi, Mara in Athens, Georgia, and Scott in Denver, Colorado.


  1. 18 years is some serious procrastination. I am impressed! Numbers are evil..

    Of course, with the hordes of lovely women besiging you on a daily basis, I am sure it is hard to get any work done.

    That said, go, you, Martin, and write. We NEED some more Kalix!

  2. It was some good procrastination! Possibly allied with laziness, and maybe even early memory loss and dementia.

    To my surprise, it's now snowing outside, as heavily as I've seen it in London for many years.

  3. Snow?
    Another good reason to stay home with tea and cookies and write, write, write.
    Or read mangas with great procrastination zest (18 years. I am impressed. That's professional level)

  4. Am writing busily... snow piling up outside

  5. Anonymous6:40 pm

    I can sympathise with the comics vice - though main (to my shame) is more mainstream - particularly enjoying Peter David's work on X-Factor at the moment.
    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for all the writing you've done. I've enjoyed all the books I've read.
    And we didn't get anysnow at al in Liverpool. :-)

  6. I live in the USA, Midwest to be exact, and we are having more snow than ought to be proper right now, she grumbles...What the heck????? Where is spring? How can anyone get anything done with this sort of thing going on???

    That said, Peter David is truly cool....

  7. Hello Lorraine. have just arrived to post new blog, and found your reply here. So I'm carrying you forward to the next blog, like a piece of long division..

  8. In that picture Good Faeries is next to Bright of the Sky, one of my favorite new fantasy books! Wee!

  9. My Facebook 'street name' is The Couch. We briefly met through John Williams way back. When I was with Serpent's Tail. Good to see you doing so well. I have Mark Ramsden and Miss Makeover blogs here.
    War School would make a cracking Graphic novel or comic, though I may be biased...