Saturday, November 22, 2008

Out of Date

Catastrophe. So far, I've been managing cheerfully enough with my Playstation2. This is well out of date, but I don't much care, because I don't mind playing older games.

However. The new Tomb Raider game is now being released for PS3 and other games machines, but the PS2 version won't come out till January! I really love Tomb Raider. I don't want to wait.

As you can imagine, this is quite a crisis. I'm very unhappy at all this. It feels like I'm being punished for being behind the times. I suppose I could just wait patiently till it comes out. Or wait impatiently, and complain all the time. Or - and I feel this may be the best alternative - use credit card in reckless Kamikaze fashion, and buy a new Playstation, despite the danger that this may lead to total fiscal disaster.

Hmm. It's a difficult dilemma, one which my life experience has left me ill-equipped to resolve.

I recently did an interview for Colleen Mondor, for her site Chasing Ray. This interview was part of the Winter Blog Blast Tour.

I've just noticed that Colleen's site is named after Ray Bradbury, which makes me think that's it's a long time since I read any Ray Bradbury, but I do remember really enjoying his books, so I should read some again.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lack of Energy

I've been lacking energy for blogging recently, or even for replying to replies to my blog. I don't know why. I must have some sort of blogging fatigue. I mean to write something but then notice that four days have passed, and all I've done is play my SpongeBob SquarePants video game. In my defence, it is a very good game.

Here's a picture from the manga Claymore, which I've been reading quite obsessively. Slender silver-haired women with huge swords, chopping up monsters. What more can you ask from a comic?

And here's a review of Milk, Sulphate and Alby Starvation, my first novel, which will be re-issued early next year.

Right, that's it, I'm off to watch House. I really like this programme.