Thursday, March 15, 2012

Write something in your blog again. Well all right.

The blog has suffered recently, there's no two ways about it. Partly this is because I've been writing books - slowly - but mainly I've been playing Skyrim. You'll be thrilled to know that my mighty warrior is now capable of beating every enemy encountered, including some very fierce dragons. As a means of avoiding reality, Skyrim is really excellent. So good in fact that I haven't even got round to playing Final Fantasy XIII-2 yet, and I'm really keen to play that.

My only other activity of note has been reading all five issues of Star Magazine - Foxy Entertainment for 1973. This publication being more proof - as if any were needed - of the stupendous greatness of the 70s. It ran for only five issues before being cancelled due to its unbridled enthusiasm for the Hollywood teenage groupie scene. Apparently this didn't go down well with everyone.

Star manages to use the word Foxy four times on the cover, topping it off with Superfox. It's quality journalism. There are interviews with Marc Bolan. And adverts for portable handbag-sized 45rpm record players. So I have been reading this quite enthusiastically, in between long sessions at my playstation.

All five issues of Star Magazine are online at

And talking of Hollywood, progress continues to be made with the Lonely Werewolf Girl film option. Slow progress, but things are still moving.