Thursday, September 26, 2019

Lux and Alby Sign On and Save the Universe

I've just brought my graphic novel back into print. I wrote it in 1991 and the artist was Simon Fraser. It originally appeared as nine comics, published by Richard Hansom at the Acme comics shop in Brixton. In 1999 it emerged as a graphic novel, published by Pater Pavement's Slab-O-Concrete Press. That was a good edition but it's been out of print for a long time. So here it is again. It's set partly in Brixton in South London, where I used to live, and partly in the realms of the protectors of Nirvana.
'When Lux the Poet and Alby Starvation, notably poor South London inhabitants, find themselves sharing a house, tensions arise. Not only that, the fabric of the universe starts to crumble. The arrival of Ruby, with her plans for total domination of the squatting group, leads them into a fantastic (and upsetting) adventure, featuring powerful Goddesses, unhappy plants, sad rocks, a lot of kissing, and a full scale assault on Nirvana. Can Alby rescue his precious comics? Will Lux mange to charm his way to another benefit check? Will the rocks, plants and fairies ever smile again? Find out in Lux and Alby Sign on and Save the Universe.'
ISBN 978-1688341715 - You can order it from bookshops too.