Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Scottish Usage - Amn't

It comes as a complete surprise to me to learn that in standard English there is no such word - or contraction - as amn't. The proper contraction, so I learn, is aren't.

So -

I'm here, amn't I? - Not Standard English

I'm here, aren't I? - Standard English

Well, this is a surprise. In Scotland, amn't is used in normal speech, without any connotations of it being slang, or improper English. I've used the word all my life and didn't even realise it wasn't normal. Although I have been in England for 30 years or so. Obviously I never noticed I was the only one using it.

Possibly this is something everyone else learned at school, while I missed out. Hmm. It may have been the day I bunked off to get Led Zeppelin tickets. Or maybe some day I just failed to turn up. I didn't have a great record in my final years at school.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Unexpected Dentistry

I'm still in the grip of Final Fantasy 13, and unable to break free. I'm surprised at my own capacity for doing absolutely nothing except play my Playstation. There's starting to be something epic about it.
I had to go the dentist. Not great, as I still have problems travelling there. (Agoraphobia update: not much progress) But maybe it's not so bad. Perhaps it would break me out of my Playstation obsession and get me back to doing other things. Like writing. Which, I believe, I did do at one time.
Travelled on bus to dentist. Slight toothache. I'm assuming this is just a worn filling needing a little attention. However the dentist deems suspicious as he pokes around in my mouth. He takes an X-Ray. Minutes late he announces that the nerve has to come out right away. So now I'm having unexpected root-canal surgery. A poor time in the dentist's chair follows immediately.  And I was already having a poor time with having to travel. All in all this was not a great experience.
Some time later I limped back out into Brixton and caught a taxi home, not in the best of moods. Have now retreated back to  the Playstation, which is much more agreeable than real life.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

A Lack of Productivity

There has been nothing produced in the Millar household for some time now. Writing has ground to a halt along with all other activity. Dishes remain unwashed, email remains unanswered and bills languish unopened on the carpet.

Why is this? Well, it could be because -

A) Scarlett Johansson has finally accepted my invitation to spend a cozy weekend together.

B) I have been engaged in important charity work for the United Nations.


C) I've been slumped on the couch night and day, unable to drag myself away from my playstation.

* sigh *

Activity will resume when I finish Final Fantasy 13. This may take some time.

I notice this game had quite a lot of criticism from fans of the series, but I've never played any of the others so I don't know how it compares. I seem to be unable to stop playing it anyway.