Saturday, August 20, 2016

A brief extract from Kink Me Honey

Here is a brief extract from my new novel, Kink Me Honey.

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Kink Me Honey

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Title: Spoiling a relationship
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Olivia’s hair had been dark in her profile picture on Sex Orbit, but by the time we met she’d dyed it bright blonde. She kept it like that for a long time. It suited her. She was pretty, and a good artist. She was a music fan to the point of obsession. The first time she visited me at home we both knew I was going to punish her. We’d exchanged messages on the Sex Orbit forum for a few weeks. Though we’d first encountered each other online we soon discovered we had some mutual acquaintances. She was friends with people who ran a small recording studio in Camden and I knew people who were in a band that used the studio and we all encountered each other in the pub sometimes. It’s possible we’d been in the same pub at the same time before meeting online, though I can’t remember ever seeing her there. Anyway, we arranged to meet.
   I had a small room in a shared flat. The other person was out when Olivia visited. I knelt on the small bed in my small room and asked Olivia to pull her trousers down and lie over my knees. Then I pulled her kickers down and spanked her. After a while I undressed her completely and spanked her more. Olivia was aroused by being spanked, but I did soon learn that she wasn’t very confident about her body. She could feel uncomfortable being naked with the lights on. She had a nice body. I don’t know why she was uncomfortable about it, but some people just are.
   Soon after this I moved into a flat on my own and Olivia used to visit me a lot and I spanked her a lot. We got on well. We went out places together, went to gigs, went to clubs, and sat in the pub, talking about music mainly. She sent me nice little notes with drawings in them and kisses at the end, in blue crayon.
   Olivia also liked being tied up. I was not that experienced at the time and didn’t attempt anything elaborate, but I tied her wrists behind her back and her ankles together. She liked being like that while she was spanked, and also while we were fucking. She found it easier to have an orgasm if her legs were together. That was a little unusual but not really a problem; she could kneel over the bed with her hands tied behind her back and her legs tied together and I could fuck her from behind. Sometimes I’d fuck her normally, but really she preferred if I fucked her up her arse. She could have orgasms like that, which I suppose isn’t that common. I tried gagging her, but she didn’t like that so I didn’t do it again. After we’d been going out with each other for about two months, I was visiting her own small flat and she asked me to whip her. Not being very experienced, I wasn’t sure about this. I didn’t have a whip, for one thing, but she told me there was a leather dog leash in the kitchen I could use. So I used the leash to whip her bottom. She liked that, though I didn’t do it all that hard. Later in life I’d have done it harder.
   After this visit she gave me a little note, saying she’d liked being whipped and she’d like to suck my beautiful cock and lick my beautiful arse. There were a lot of blue crayon kisses at the end. I might still have that note somewhere though this was many years ago. We went out for about a year and a half. We got on really well. I liked her a lot and we had a great sex life. We should have carried on for longer, but I spoiled the relationship by chasing after another woman. I won’t describe that, it was really quite stupid of me.
   That was some years ago, but we’re still vaguely in touch. She’s married with two children now, and doing well, as far as I know. I regret ruining that relationship.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Kink Me Honey - More

First copies of my new book, Kink Me Honey, contained some annoying typos. That was careless of me. These are fixed now. (Maybe your copy with typos will become valuable one day.) So, new, corrected version of Kink Me Honey now on sale. With less typos. Probably some still slipped through, the damned things are almost impossible to eradicate.

Kink Me Honey, my cheerfully obscene new book, paperback and ebook both available at Amazon and iBooks now. From bookshops in a few weeks. ISBN 978-1535009898.

You can read the first few pages of the ebook at Amazon, or download a sample at the Apple iBooks store.

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