Friday, March 28, 2008

Literary Secretary

Have again attempted to outrage public decency, and earn a little cash, with a story in new issue of Skin Two fetish magazine (#59). As you can see, they've used a photo of my new 'literary secretary' on the cover. She's pictured here just after taking some notes for my new novel.

Hmmm. Parts of the above paragraph may not be entirely true. But I did write the story.

My local library just charged me £1 'administrative charges' for a new ticket, after I lost my readers card! I mean, really. I was outraged. Damn it, it only took them 15 seconds to make me a new one. Administrative charges. Ha.

Once the shock of handing over £1 had receded, I borrowed E M Forster's Passage to India. I've never read Forster but I heard an interesting programme about him on Radio 4. I particularly admired the fact that for the last 46 years of his life, he didn't write any books all. I can see the attraction in this. Just write a few novels early on, then settle down comfortably on the couch for the next 46 years. It sounds great.

Lonely Werewolf Girl and The Good Fairies of New York are currently part of a promotion at some branches of Barnes and Noble in the USA, meaning both books are currently piled up on tables prominently displayed inside the shops. Which I would like to see, actually, as it's not often that I've been well-promoted. I could ask the publisher Soft Skull to send me a picture.


  1. Too bad that magazine doesn't have an on-line version.

  2. Anonymous8:10 pm

    You should most certainly get a photo of your books in a huge stack, I am sure that would be very gratifying.
    Though the idea of languishing for forty odd years may sound good to you it is not what your fans would like.
    Alice X

  3. I would that also in italy a newspaper went out with inside an article called " Meet your local Pervs"!!! it's funny!!!XD

  4. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Just picked up the book (Lonely Werewolf Girl) from a B&N in the U.S. There was a small pile on a wooden table, with other novels -- rather eclectic group!

    Finished the first third -- good reading. Soft Skull should really have put the Gaiman blurb more prominently on the cover -- if what you want are more sales! (B&N has been aggressively promoting Gaiman the last couple of years).

    Look forward to picking up "Good Fairies on New York" next week!

  5. Hi Martin, SEE??? I told you all you needed was a Personal Assistanrt, er, excuse me, Literary Secratary.

    Personaly, I think she is NEARLY as hot as Neil Gaiman's Personal Assistant. And if Neil Gaiman's Personal Assistant could walk without killing herself in heels like that, she would take over the world, and Neil could really go places.....

  6. It's true, 'Meet your local Pervs' is a good headline for the any cover.

    Well, I suppose I won't really spend 46 years on the couch, not writing, tempting though it is.

    Are you sure you couldn't manage the heels, Lorraine? Actually, I'm surprised anyone can. Maybe she just keeps them for photographs, and doesn't really walk anywhere in them.

  7. Those heels seem quite sturdy. I've been seen running in spiked heels that high. When I was much younger, of course... (and not living in countries sporting cobble stones! Those were a REAL factor in my wearing more sensible shoes).
    I think I am going to attempt to order the magazine and see if it goes through the Italian customs. Just to see my husband's face when he sees it...

  8. KLUTZ is my middle name. Women can, and do walk in them, apparently....My bandmate Malena, for one. She keeps trying with me and sending me such heels.

    I wore them once for a gig.

    For about 5 minutes. WAY less embaressing to play barefoot than fall over.

    I want this magazine too. I think my Boss used to write things for them. We need to know.

    Heard you were #4 at Barnes and Noble, Martin, Congrads and WAY cool!!!!!

  9. we have a "munch" a friend of mine goes. Skin Two is superb. :)

  10. I had wanted to read The Good Fairies of New York for a year, but the novel was never available in my local bookstore. I was in a larger city last month, so I picked it up-- only to return to my home and find out that your books had burst into existence at my local bookstore and bloomed in my absence! There are tons of them on the shelf now, which made it rather easier when I nipped down there to buy Lonely Werewolf Girl as a gift to myself for getting into grad. school.

    I'm glad people are finally catching on to the goodness that is your books.

    If you're interested in reviews, my review of The Good Fairies of New York is up in today's edition of Green Man Review.

  11. Anonymous5:09 pm

    What on earth is a 'munch'? I really need to know.