Saturday, March 15, 2008

Inflatable Bath Pillow

Soft Skull's edition of Lonely Werewolf Girl is now in bookstores in the USA, and available at This has taken me by surprise. Official publication date in America is 5th April but it's made it to the shops already. So this is cause for celebration.

* makes cup of tea *

But life is not without its problems. Having settled down in the bath for a comfy soak, and rested my head on my inflatable bath pillow, I found my head bumping uncomfortably. My pillow had deflated. I blew it up several times, to no avail. My bath pillow has sprung a leak. This is very disappointing. I loved that inflatable pillow. It may have been my most useful possession. It's no use trying to relax in the bath without some sort of support for your head. Will have to try and replace it tomorrow.

I think I bought that pillow from the same supermarket I buy rhubarb crumble. Which I still eat regularly though I've been attempting to broaden my diet a little recently. Urgh. I get bored trying to think of anything new I might want to eat.

A new Buffy comic arrives through the letterbox. Hooray! I can read it in the bath. But I don't have my pillow. Damn.


  1. Anonymous10:55 pm

    I am currently reading your last novel,really amazing! i like it particularly because i really love wherewolves in books , comics and tv series , but in your book are better than ever!
    The novel Fairies of New York it is mine favourite in absolute... surely it doesn't interest you but you are a constant inspiration for me.
    I hope to be able to see soon your other novels in the bookstore!!!
    p.s. I apologize for my bad English...

  2. Thanks for the message, Bea. I'm pleased that I've inspired you. Also, I'm glad you like the werewolves in Lonely Werewolf Girl. It's good to know that they've reached Italy safely.

  3. I've just finished reading The Lonely Werewold Girl and enjoyed it thoroughly. Great characters and a well crafted story line.
    Thank you.

  4. I'm glad you enjoyed it, Nathalie.

  5. I just finished Lonely Warewolf Girl - having found it while on vacation a few days ago in South Carolina. It was delightful. My husband is a Brit and we plan to be in the UK at the end of May. My goal is to bring home as many of your books as my luggage allowance can handle. ;)

    Thank you for a fantastic vacation from reality.


  6. Thanks Kate, I'm glad you enjoyed the book.