Sunday, April 27, 2008

Endless Work

It was quite a big week for literary activity in the Millar household. First I went to the local pub to met the foreign rights editor from Kedros, the Greek publisher who will be issuing Lonely Werewolf Girl later this year. After that I was busy again because the reprinting process for Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me is underway, for Soft Skull in the USA. I had to go through the manuscript again. This can be quite a tedious procedure, for an old book. Mercifully, I do still like this novel a lot, and didn't cringe with shame and embarrassment on reading it again, something I certainly would do if forced to read some of my other old books.

Then a bundle of covers arrived from Baen, for Thraxas Under Siege, eighth book in the series. Well OK, that wasn't much activity. All I had to do was open the envelope and look at the covers. It felt quite arduous anyway. Thraxas Under Siege has been out in hardback in the USA for a while. This is the paperback edition, soon to be published. It's good to have unleashed eight Thraxas books on the world. I would rather like to do a ninth sometime. (For reasons why that won't happen any time soon, see this blog.)

So that all seemed like a lot of activity. Having run out of manga and Buffy comics, I recovered by lying in the bath reading Samuel Pepys' Diaries.

February 12th, 1660 - Hence home, where my wife and I had some high words upon my telling her that I would fling the dog out at the window if he pissed the house any more.

A little harsh perhaps, but you can't entirely blame him. He's trying to write his diary and there's a dog pissing everywhere. It would be annoying for anyone. However, his wife was capable of mounting a spirited argument, so I imagine the dog survived.


  1. Never mind bloody Thraxas.........your main concern should be another adventure featuring Kalix, Dominil and the rest of the Clan!

  2. Anonymous5:29 pm

    It sounds like the Pepys household was the 17th century version of the Osbournes.

  3. Don't you find a pub atmosphere oppressive, considering your agoraphobia? Or are you just uncomfortable in the streets?

  4. Yes, more Werewolf Girl. ( tho I am a huge Thraxas fan too, you might just as well keep writing everything...) I'm glad to hear about the new Suzy, LZ and me from Softskull, very cool.

    I would have liked to have known Pepys. LOL . The Osbournes. Might well have been.

    I took my dog to a Horse Show today, which went better than one might have expected. And my cats pee on ME if I don't get up and feed them. They may well go out the window, Pepys has my sympathy.

  5. You know, the Pepys household as 17th century Osbournes isn't such a bad image.

    Being in the pub is fine. It's just travelling I have a problem with.

    Lorraine. Cats pissing on you seems beyond the pale. They need a severe talking to.

  6. Oh, I talked to them. I said PLEASE don't do that again, I'll try and do better, I'll get up earlier, really...


  7. * Stop playing video games and write something instead *


  8. * Stop playing video games and write something instead *


  9. * Stop playing video games and write something instead *

    (with rhubarb crumble on top)