Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ragazze Lupo

Lonely Werewolf Girl comes out in Italy at the end of March, published by Fazi, under the title of Ragazze Lupo. Here it is on the publisher's website. So that will be the first foreign translation of Lonely Werewolf Girl and I'm very pleased about it. The Good Fairies of New York was quite successful in Italy so I'm optimistic about the prospects for this.

American and Greek editions are on the way. Annoyingly, the German publisher of The Good Fairies of New York doesn't want to publish Lonely Werewolf Girl. This seems strange, as their German edition of The Good Fairies has remained in print for many years. Anyway, my agents are actively looking for a new German publisher.

As recently threatened, I am now clad in a new Suzy Quatro T-shirt, and am wearing it at this moment. It's a really fine garment. I would put a picture here, if I actually had a working camera, which I don't at the moment. I may be the only person in the Western hemisphere without a camera. Must rectify this soon.

And now I must return to the couch, for a fortifying sleep, as I'll need my strength later for watching football. There are matches on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and this is quite a tough schedule, as I do a lot of shouting and shaking my fist at the TV.


  1. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Congratulations- hope Italy loves it.And the Suzi Quatro T-shirt sounds very fine-hope she's got on the black leather catsuit she used to wear on 'Happy Days'

  2. Hi there,

    Good on you for going with the Suzy Quatro T-shirt. You can't go wrong with Suzy Quatro. I'm with David on the leather...

    I did a blog over at my band website, which started off being about a lamp, but ended up with me raving about how much I loved The Lonely Werewolf Girl. ( go figure ) We will get these Americians reading some mightly fine writing!

    Nice to meet you all!

  3. Thanks Peter. Magnifico seems like a good comment, though I can't think of an approriate response, not knowing any other Italian words.

    David, untill you reminded me, I'd completely forgotten that Suzi Quatro ever appeared on Happy Days. Swift investigation reveals that she played a character called 'Leather Tuscadero' though I don't remember ever hearing that name before.

    Hi Lorraine. Thanks for the endorsement on your blog, I appreciate it. And thanks for your earlier encouragement as well. It does seems strange to be without a camera, I mean everyone has them. Apart from us, apparently.

  4. I got as far, a few months ago, as BUYING a camera. Never worked. I am convinced that the Casio Repair Department is starting to enjoy my letters and phone calls and have no intention of ever returning my camera in working order.

    Have we no friends who can come over and take pictures of you in your Suzy Quatro Tee shirt and of my Lamp????

  5. Hello Martin,
    I got lured in by Lorraine...
    She even got me to order the Lonely Werewolf Girl (but NOT in Italian). It wasn't hard, as I thorouhly enjoyed The Good Fairies.
    Looking forward to reading it.

  6. Anonymous5:15 pm

    Hi, this is Silvia (from Fazi), the one who wrote the article you mentioned on ;) thanks for the link!

  7. Fabulous Lorraine has been RAVING about you forever now. I thought it was about time I said hello. We think your Lonely Werewolf should be a movie. Fan base! Attention! MAKE IT SO!
    We even know a hot stacked nocturnal actress weirdo. muaaaa ha ha haaaaa!(That would be me)

  8. Malena could easily play Thrix, Malveria or Mistress of the Werewolves, I know it's early, but this book is SO a movie, let's dream big!

    Nice to meet you, Silvia, cool link ndeed...

    And say, we in Americia are SO Martin deprived, what can you tell us, those of you in the know who have beeen hanging out here.....

  9. I wish this google blog allowed threaded replies. Why doesn't it?

    Anyway, Spacedlaw and Malena, I'm glad to hear that Lorraine has lured you towards my books. (Lonely Werewolf Girl is my favourite)

    I have had some film interest in Lonely Werewolf Girl, and from some quite promising places too. However, I've suffered various film disappointments in the past, so I never get my hopes up about that, really. It would be nice if it happened though.

  10. Anonymous1:37 am

    I've just created the page about you on italian wikipedia's site (I hope without inaccuracies), and this new translation is really a great news for your italian readers! Thanks for sharing your imagination :)

  11. Anonymous5:19 pm

    I had to change slightly the URL of the article on Fazi's website, so you can change the link with this:

    Thank you :)

    Jun/Silvia from Fazi

  12. Anonymous2:14 pm

    martin, and what about your first novels? There are translation in italian?
    I can't find them!!!!

  13. No, my early novels haven't been translated into Italian. There was one, way back in 1991 - Latte, Solfato & Alby Starvation ( Oscar Mondadori
    ISBN 88-04-34332-X ) but that would be very hard to find now.

    My early novels will be reprinted in English in the next year or two, so perhaps they might become available in Italian then.

  14. I'm happy to tell you that you can find translate in italian:
    Latte,solfato e Alby Starvation
    Baldini Castoldi Dalai editori 2004

    Sogni di sesso e stage diving
    Lain fazi editore 2006

    Io,Suzy e i Led Zeppelin
    Baldini Castoldi Dalai editori 2002

    Longing to read your old and new books soon
    xxx monica&paolo