Thursday, January 31, 2008

Beau Millar

I'm currently reading a large biography of Beau Brummel, by Ian Kelly. Brummel was such an interesting character. At the time of the Regency (c. 1800) he was described as a dandy, but his dandyism consisted of simplifying men's clothes, rather than wearing anything outlandish. He was the originator of modern men's dress, and helped to re-define the way that modern gentlemen regarded themselves.

He was an intelligent man. After his classical education at Eton, he could fire off witty epigrams in Greek and Latin, which I admire. Not that you would have wanted to go to Eton in those days, a hotbed of beatings and abuse. Though apparently Brummel avoided most of the beatings by being such a witty character.

I wish I had a cool nickname like Beau. Beau Millar. That would be good. Of course, it would mean I'd have to dress well. Which obviously I don't. Am currently debating whether to buy a Marc Bolan or a Suzy Quatro T-shirt. It's a tough choice. Perhaps I will have to buy both. A re-incarnated Beau Brummel, of course, would not wear such an item. It's fortunate I don't have any children. I'd be a dreadfully embarrassing father. Soon my nephews and nieces will shun me when I arrive in my Suzy Quatro T-shirt, and deny being related to me.

Here is Suzy Quatro, in her 70s glam heyday -


  1. Was that the best single ever?
    I certainly thought so when I saw it on Top of the Pops.

    It's aged well too, though the audience look a bit odd, sitting still and clapping.

  2. Anonymous8:57 am

    my dad wears shirts that are best described as...flamboyant. he's an engineer and doesn't understand fashion or why sometimes gay men ask for his numbers when dressed in said shirts. much more embarrassing. trust me.