Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Year's Eve, 1977

I've been wandering around in the Millar musical memories. Which reminds me, I should mention again that the re-issue of Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me is now generally available. It's been on sale in the USA and Canada for a month or so, and is now in shops in Britain too. I still really like the cover. I like the book too, which helps.

Here's a good review of Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me in the Los Angeles Times. Aha. No doubt Hollywood's most glamorous actresses pay close attention to the book reviews in the LA Times. I'm sure they talk of nothing else. May soon find myself pursued by Angelina Jolie, Eva Mendes and Halle Berry. Not sure if I have the energy for this. Will have to let them down politely.

But the musical memory I've been thinking about recently is New Year's Eve, 1977, when I was at the Rainbow in London, at this Ramones gig. Which, as you can see from the one minute 46 seconds of this video, was a really great place to be.

(If that video doesn't work on my blog, you can watch it here.)

That was a fantastic gig!

* briefly cheerful *

* but depression sets in *

Hum. There should be some law against posting these videos on youtube. I get about three minutes of pleasant memories, followed by several hours of gloom as I realise how many years ago it was. Sigh. Must lie down on the couch. May be too old even to make it to the couch. Might just have to fall asleep in front of the computer, and drool on the keyboard.


  1. Anonymous12:55 am

    Oh dear...don't fall asleep on the computer keyboard, you will wake up with unsightly marks on your face. And drooling on electrical appliances may lead to some kind of electrocution. Admittedly NYE 1977 seems a long time ago but, just think - here we are in the future. It's great isn't it? ...anyone? Hello??

  2. Anonymous1:39 pm

    It doesn't seem that long ago to me. My 1977 New Year's Eve was pretty memorable too.

  3. Anonymous9:59 pm

    I don't remember that NYE at all, but I was only 5.

  4. Anonymous3:26 am

    Yeah. I remember all those late nights watching The Stranglers at The Rat (Boston) and often not even sleeping and now? I went to a club for the fist time in forever this weekend (saw Los Lonely Boys) and while I had a great time I am still recovering..from both the late night, the actual being in a crowded club thing and well that's enough.

    I'm a geezer. And now I'm a geezer for whom the dream of ever seeing Pink Floyd again has died along with Richard Wright. May his memory be for a blessing.

  5. Anonymous4:12 am

    This seems like the right forum for this question: Is there a relationship between the lovely aging process and the growing proclivity for drooling during sleep???!! I (looks around for witnesses) have noticed this and am alarmed! It doesn't bode well for sleep overs!

  6. I would have killed to see the Stranglers! Or any other of the bands around in the UK at that time.

    Not sure about the age/drooling thing. I think it crosses all ages.

    Martin, the best time is NOW. Anita is right, here we are in the future, and making some great art, that people in the far off future will love. And remember.

  7. Ach! Nostalgia...
    Having posted yesterday a picture of myself taken 20 to 25 years ago, I had a brief moment of "Who IS that strange creature?" disbelief. But then again I wouldn't really want to be in HER shoes now, mine being so much more comfortable. The best time is really now, no matter what.
    For instance, all that time away, your book wouldn't be available for sale! And that it is NOW surely is a most excellent thing. off to buy it. Byeeeee...

  8. when i have enough money (wallet currently recovering from comic book spree) i will buy suzy, led zepellin and me. ive seen you in person don't look so bad. ;)

  9. Cheer up! YOU got to SEE them. Here I am living in NYC and I NEVER did. And I should have. And by the time I finally stopped to listen to them, two were already DEAD, so there was no chance of EVER seeing them.

    There, feel better now?

  10. Anonymous3:47 am

    My son comes up with the most amazing things and the two best were about time passing
    -the first when he was about 4 (we adopted him in Cambodia when he was a toddler) or 5 he said sadly, "My memories of Cambodia have been cut like a knife" and more recently (he's 10) he got bored with my maudlin nostalgia and told me that if didn't "stay in today" I'd time travel to the future and miss the fun stuff in between. This is why I don't bother paying a shrink-my kids do a much better job snapping me out of my silliness.