Thursday, September 04, 2008

Highly Intelligent Cat

Here's a cat who's obviously highly intelligent, with excellent taste in literature, settling down comfortably beside a copy of Lonely Werewolf Girl.

The cat is called Couscous and lives with Jenna, who took the picture.

I can't absolutely prove that owning a copy of Lonely Werewolf Girl is good for your cat. But I think its clear from the picture how contented this cat is.


  1. So sweet!

    My Bengal, Madame Mim, loved Lonely Werewolf Girl. Ate it right up.

    And I do mean ate, as in large chunks of the cover....

  2. Anonymous10:56 am

    I think that cats read books by placing their noses under the front cover and pretending to sleep. They just sort of 'absorb' the text, they really are a higher life form. In this way the feline kind don't blow cover. This photo proves my theory, I am sure of it.
    AJ Xx

  3. Anonymous4:41 pm

    Maybe Couscous is trying to tell you that she thinks there should be weretigers in the sequel.

  4. Lorraine, I quite like the idea of your cat eating the cover... anything to keep it happy...

    AJ, I suspect you're right about cats absorbing the text. They do have that cunning way of putting their noses just under the cover.

  5. Weretigers? They would be great, Maybe the cat is dreaming about them now...

  6. My cats complained that I wasn't putting it down sufficiently for them to lounge on it!

  7. I must admit that while ferrets may not be on the same level of cats, they love this book as well. My two ferrets did NOT poop on it, which is a huge compliment as they poop on everything.

    One also tried to drag it away, but it was too heavy.

  8. Anonymous4:14 pm

    Sigh. I can't compete here. If I give any of the books to the parrot they will be confetti in a very short period of time.

    (crawls back under covers)

  9. Akisej and Amy Sue, you just made me snort tea!

    I'm still chuckling at the images, of the ferrets thinking "Hmmm..Ggoooddd Boookkk....No pooping here"...And of the parrot shredding saying "Book yes, good. All books. Good for shredding."

  10. Oh, and Martin, you are quite right. ANYTHING to keep the Bengals happy. At least it was only the cover.

    Could have been the whole thing. Or me.

  11. So. Ferrets - quite keen on books, but parrots desctructive towards literature. That's good to know.

  12. that's very cute.