Monday, July 25, 2016

Kink Me Honey

My new book, Kink Me Honey -
'The earnest, erotic, dominant, submissive, cheerful, depressed, humorous and occasionally clumsy endeavours of Ark, Gina, Mig, Mistress Tardy, Glam Tilly and an assortment of masters, mistresses, doms, subs and slaves, in the world of kink centred around Sex Orbit, London's most prominent fetish organisation.'
Print and ebook both available at Amazon now. From bookshops in a few weeks. ISBN 978-1535009898.
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Kink Me Honey contains a lot of sex though I wouldn't say it was particularly pornographic by today's standards. (Nonetheless, it's not suitable for your young relative who liked my werewolf books.) Actually, it's wall-to-wall spanking, whipping, strap-ons, bondage and so on. But quite cheerfully done.
From the back cover -
‘I don’t know why you hated his reading so much,’ said Gina. ‘Other people liked it.’
  ‘His stories are full of angst and guilt. Everything connected with kink and fetish seems to lead to misery. But the people in the audience weren’t miserable about their kinky behaviour. They enjoyed it. It’s not fetish that makes them miserable, it’s lack of it.’
  ‘That may be true,’ agreed Gina. ‘Mig and Brandon are always cheerful after she whips him. It’s quite a happy domestic scene, really. Not much angst at all. But that wouldn’t make for a very good story, would it? And some woman flinging herself enthusiastically over your knee for a lengthy spanking is hardly going to enthral the reader either. There’s no drama in that.’
  ‘I suppose not.’
  Gina smiled. ‘And you know Ark, you do have your share of misery and angst. Quite a large share.’
  ‘Yes, of course. But that’s from everything else in life. The actual kink is fine.’


  1. Anonymous6:14 am

    Will it and you have some presence at any of the London fetish events (munches, LFF, LAM, or clubs)?

    Or maybe you could start a FetLife profile for the book? Just think how many friends it would get... (blushes )

    [Apologies if you've already done all this --- a cursory search didnt find anything]

  2. No, I haven't done any of that, because I'm indolent and spend most of my time in front of my Playstation. However, they are good ideas. I'm not actually sure how I'd go about it, but I'll think about it.

  3. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Mmmph. What is the relationship between the "Martin Miller" who is indolent and the "Martin Miller" who writes a novel a year?

    Maybe create a profile named "Kink me Honey", and friend a few high connectivity people, such as organisers of munches & clubs, or people that you may
    enjoy hanging out with. I can PM you a list of names, if you want. Or you can waste a pleasant afternoon reading profiles and looking at pictures.

    While you are at it maybe you should create profiles for Thraxas & Makri. That would be rather lovely.

    (No need to publish this comment.

    I'm looking forward to reading the book. It sounds potentially hot, and --- as always with you -- sweet.)