Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Current Literary Activity

My new novel is called The Goddess of Buttercups and Daisies. It will be published in April 2015 in Britain (probably at the same time in Australia/New Zealand) and May in the USA/Canada.

The book is set in Ancient Athens in 421 BC, and features the adventures of Luxos the Poet, aspiring young artist, as he strives to make the Athenians recognise the greatness of his poetic talent. It also features Aristophanes, who in 421 BC was about to present his comedy 'Peace' at the Dionysia. Peace was on many Athenians mind at that time, as they had been fighting the Spartans for most of the past decade. I'll write some more about this book before it's published, but meanwhile here is the British cover.

(Also on the horizon is another Thraxas ebook, Thraxas and the Oracle, but I don't quite know when that will be ready.)


  1. Thomas8:44 pm

    Looking forward to both.

    Should the oracle be Pythia, I foresee them being found in an embarrassing embrace. Not to mention ... but the fumes are too strong; I must stop.

  2. Anonymous3:11 pm

    Wow, that's some great news. Although April 2015 is still a long way off. And so is "don't quite know when that will be ready" ;)

  3. o.O did I just read new thraxas???? My prayers were answered!

  4. More Thraxas! Fuck yeah. We always need more Thraxas. Can't wait to see the mistress of the sky to kick some ork sorcerer's butt.
    Please make "not quite know when" as soon as possible :p

  5. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Can't wait! Love you!