Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Night Shift

Have now watched every episode of Claymore anime, and read every episode of Claymore manga. Afterwards, found myself suffering from Claymore withdrawal symptoms. I'd really like more adventures of these silver haired warriors.

Disconsolate, and still wanting more Claymore, I wander into the kitchen to make a cup of tea. I put on the radio. Unexpectedly, Led Zeppelin are playing. Am immediately cheered. I find myself playing air guitar, not something I do that often. Continue listening, and play more air guitar. Finish off with a final flourish of air-drums, something I don't think I've ever done before.

Find myself cheered. OK, I might have finished Claymore, but there will be other manga and anime. I can survive the crisis.

Am generally cheered up by Led Zeppelin. Apart from in 1985 when they played at Live Aid. They played in Philadelphia, and that was broadcast live in Britain about 1 A.M. Unfortunately, at one o'clock in the morning in 1985, I was working in a warehouse just south of Waterloo bridge, doing night shifts, carrying heavy mail bags, in a really, unpleasant job. Urgh. That was such a bad job. Long, long night shifts, in that warehouse. I'd be exhausted, and sleep all day, and work through the night. It doesn't take long doing that till you become quite confused about what day of the week it is.

At that time I'd written Milk, Sulphate and Alby Starvation. I'd found a literary agent for it, who was enthusiastic. I thought that she'd find a publisher for it soon enough, but it took her three and a half years. (That's not a criticism of the agent. She proved to be very dedicated, and didn't give up on it, fortunately for me.) So while I was struggling around in that warehouse at night, loading heavy sacks into trucks - dimly aware that there was some big music concert going being broadcast on the radio - I had a nagging feeling that really I ought to have been published by then. Probably because of that, I've never been able to remember Live Aid / Band Aid very fondly. (By all accounts, including their own, Led Zeppelin didn't perform very well at Live Aid, being plagued by sound problems.)

I gave up that job with great relief, and found work as a clerk for the council, which was better, though it didn't pay so well. I think I was there for two years before my agent finally found a publisher for Alby Starvation.

I can see two solutions to the 'no more Claymore' problem. One, hunt for more Anime to make up for it. Two, throw myself into my work. Hmmm. I can see which way this is going.


  1. Anonymous2:44 pm

    I recommend Whisper of the Heart and Porco Rosso, assuming you've probably already seen Spirited Away and Howls Moving Castle.......enjoy!
    Sam Causon (fb friend and buffy fan).

  2. Here are a few suggestions to get help you get over your Claymore withdrawls.

    Some of my favorite anime:
    Samurai Champloo (I think you'll like this one a lot.)

    Cowboy Bebop (Might want to start with this one. Everyone loves it. Great characters. Great plots. Funny. Fantastic music by Yoko Kanno. Can't say enough about how wonderful this series is.)

    Noir (Babes with guns. Need I say more.)

    Some of my favorite manga:
    Lone Wolf and Cub (A classic. Highly recommend.)

    Blade of the Immortal (Bloody. Action-oriented.)

    Naruto (Yeah, it's mostly for kids, but it's fun. Worth the read.)

    Battle Royale (You think Frank Miller is bloody? Hah! Still, good plot device about kids fighting to be the last survivor.)


    Gunsmith Cats (Goofy, but fun.)

    Those are just some to get you started. If I had to pick from those, I'd say watch Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop, and be sure to read Lone Wolf and Cub.

  3. Hey Martin, I was just reading my feeds when I saw this Shelfari thing for Neil Gaiman. Check out the stack in the middle of the third photo...


  4. Unfortunately, I don't read much manga (although reading your post about silver-haired warriors has me thinking, for some odd reason, that I'd really like to read the Elfquest graphic novels that I last saw in seventh grade, all over again). I just wanted to say what a pleasure it was to pop in today and find your post about Led Zeppelin. As I couldn't find anything new I wanted to read this week, I re-read your "Suzy, Led Zeppelin, and Me," and it cheered me (Zeppelin cheers you, your book cheers me, it's an actual positive cycle! They do exist!). Thank you for that. I hope you find something Claymore-ish to read soon.

  5. its the same feeling I got from hearing no 9th novel for Thraxas. Now you know how we feel

  6. Anonymous7:02 pm

    Hey Martin you should try 12 Kingdoms, a great anime! It's one of my favorites now. I agree with the above, Noir is great too. Hellsing and Ghost in the Shell are my favs, (along with samurai shamploo)....ahh anime.

  7. Anonymous8:45 pm

    I read somewhere that berserk: box of war is supposed to be like claymore but I haven't seen either so I wouldn't know.