Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Queen Vex

Piatkus, which is an imprint of Little Brown, will publish the sequel to Lonely Werewolf Girl, provisionally entitled Queen Vex, in Britain in March 2010. Prior to that, they'll be putting out a new edition of Lonely Werewolf Girl in October this year. The contract isn't quite finalised yet, but I'm expecting this to happen, and indeed Piatkus have announced it at booktrade.info

So I am now contractually obliged to deliver the sequel. Actually, I'm contractually obliged to deliver it already, as Fischer, the German publisher, also included it in the contract when they bought the first book. So I should probably spend more time writing it, and less time playing SpongeBob video games. Though I'm very fond of SpongeBob video games.

I don't have a contract for Queen Vex in either America or Italy yet, but Lonely Werewolf Girl has done well in both countries so I'm confident it should be published there too, around the same time.

Here is Ragazze Lupo, in Italy, alongside Anne Rice and Edgar Allen Poe. Picture taken by my friend Gail, who I went to school with, and now lives in Bologna.

Why am I interested in pictures of my books on foreign bookshelves you may wonder? Probably because I'm still troubled by agoraphobia, and don't travel. Not much progress with that, really.


  1. Anonymous2:27 pm

    in regards to foreign bookshelves you might find it nice to know that you're on the shelves right next to henry miler in st. mark's books in the east village of manhattan. i'm sure that's pretty common, the alphabet being what it is, but i can't imagine keeping company with henry miller will ever be half bad.

  2. Anonymous3:53 pm

    AND I didn't turn the book face out, for the photo. It was right there, proudly placed on the shelf, looking out at the world. I think I'd prefer to be alongside Anne and Edgar, though. Henry would scare me...all that sex and debauchery..bit smelly too. Ciao Martin! Gxxx

  3. Excellent news on the sequel, and that the werewolves contine to conquer the world.

    I haven't been to any foreign parts to take pictures of late, but I do go into my local book shops from time to time to make sure that they have it properly displayed (and if they don't seem to be displaying it, I ask after it and express surprise it's not there) :-)

  4. Anonymous3:04 am

    Hey its Caitlin from Florida, USA and there's one thing i got to tell you.

    As a paranormal author I've done my research and read many werewolf books. Nothing compares to yours. Seriously, from one Author to another. You got some great talent.

    Can't wait till Queen Vex is in America.

    Its my myspace account.

    Then my website:

  5. Anonymous3:06 am

    Caitlin Again:
    Also just read your site and saw Tank girl and it answered my sudden attraction. The move has been passed down from sister to sister in my family, and once i saw the movie i knew i never let it go.
    Kudos to you.

  6. That is a long time for me to wait but I suspect a way too short period for you to write!

  7. I'm already awaiting the new book. Like a fat man waiting for dinner, which is quite a coincidence really...:)

  8. Anonymous12:33 pm

    Good news about the sequel!

    When is the first one going to be made into a TV series? When I was reading it, I kept thinking what fantastic telly it would make (not that it wasn't a great read, too)... if only they could get the werewolves right. I didn't think they'd be able to, since almost all werewolves throughout the history of cinema and TV have looked rubbish, but actually the ones in Being Human look pretty good, so I'm quite hopeful now...

  9. Anonymous10:28 pm

    Che bello che ci sarà un seguito del libro! Spero che lo traducano presto in italiano: "Ragazze Lupo" l'ho divorato in due giorni e praticamente non ho dormito per finirlo, ero completamente assorbita dalla storia...a tratti pensavo raccontassi di me!
    Grazie per i tuoi libri, sono mondi bellissimi che mi salvano dalla tristezza della quotidianità. Sei un mago adorabile!
    Un bacio,
    Jenny Shuster

  10. Anonymous5:03 am

    So happy to read about a sequel to L.W.G. ... i finished it tonight while i should have been working. What a fantastic book... is it 2010 yet any body? Adam/Phoenix

  11. Anonymous12:35 am


    Sorry, I had to say that. Already can,t wait for sequel.That was the best book I've read in a long time. Seriously, though...who doesn't love a good werewolf book?

  12. Anonymous3:36 am

    My reaction upon reading this: "Oh, Dear God." (In a good way, mind you.)

    Looking forward to it -- LWG was great fun, and my copy is heavily re-read.

  13. Anonymous1:59 am

    If it doesn't come out in Italy in a short time after being published in UK, I'll take a plane, come to London and buy Queen Vex.
    That's it.
    Love, Mart.

  14. Anonymous8:17 am

    What would you like to tell us about the LWG movie?

  15. Anonymous1:28 pm

    When are you going to start writing the third book in the werewolf girl series?...I'm getting antsy!