Sunday, August 10, 2008

Keyboard Filth

Catching up with more super hero movies I missed, I watched Rise of the Silver Surfer. It was OK. Better than that lousy Spiderman 3, but not particularly great. I suppose these films are made for quite a young audience. But is this an excuse? SpongeBob SquarePants is made for a young audience too, and that keeps me continually entertained. I've watched loads of episodes of SpongeBob, and the film too.

Was slightly distressed to read in the news that the average computer keyboard is 'as filthy and germ-ridden as a toilet.'

I study my keyboard and wonder when I last cleaned it. Possibly never. Take keyboard to bathroom, shake it upside down. A huge cascade of dust falls out. Shake it some more. More stuff falls out. Get bored with this. Start wiping keys with damp cloth. Layers of grim start to come off. But I get bored with this too, and give up. Fine, my keyboard isn't that clean. It's not like I'm going to eat dinner off it anyway.

Am struggling to set up the RSS feed thingy on Safari to work properly.

* shakes fist at modern world *

Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me, scheduled for re-issue in September, is arriving in bookshops in America and Canada already, and is now available on That's good. I suppose it will take a little longer for the new edition to reach Britain, but it should be here soon.


  1. I'll wait for the book to arrive in Europe...

  2. Anonymous2:38 pm

    because spongebob is the world' s greatest hero!!!

  3. The trick to make keyboard cleaning fun is compressed air on can. Poke the nozzle down between a couple of keys, push the trigger and watch the the dust fly =)

  4. I cleaned my keyboard once and it was gross. I get tired of cleaning/tidying after about five minutes and live in the hope that fairies will do it while I watch TV or read a book. That's great about the book! I've always wanted to read it and I hope it will come out before I leave London.

  5. My Bengals knocked a cup of tea onto my laptop and now half the keys don't work. I hooked up an external one, but I think it is going too...Between the two of them tho, I have all the keys..

    I feel a little I am waiting for the sky to fall...

  6. And oh, yes, I will add my vote to Spongebob being the best! With a theme song and concept like that, how could it be otherwise????

  7. There seems to be general agreement about the excellence of SpongeBob! It is a great cartoon. As Bea says, the world's greatest hero.

    Ake, I'm a little dubious about this compressed air cleaning. I can see it might be fun, but I'm sure I'd get covered with dust.

    Like you Germaine, I get bored cleaning very easily.

  8. I'm not surprised your cats destroyed your keyboard Lorraine. Cats are like that, Lovely animals, but they do love to destroy a keyboard.

  9. Anonymous11:00 pm

    Do the whole compressed air thing outside or over the bath. Is surprisingly fun, and when keyboard is clean you can have muchly fun with a packet of malteasers.

  10. Anonymous4:00 am

    I have the book next to me here in bed (it pushed it's way to the head of the line).

    I'm dubious about the spray dusting thingie-everytime I use it my keyboard makes alarming crackly sounds of doom. I admit that I have 3 weird phobias and one is being electrocuted (the others are bugs and I can't be near anyone casting a fishing line) and so I hear the crackle and am convinced that some electrical disaster is not far behind.

  11. Anonymous1:09 pm

    This "keyboard / chopping board / door knob / £10 note / other commonly used innocuous item has more germs than a toilet seat" statement is just trotted out to make us paranoid and spray everything with disinfectant.

    The toilet seat is probably surprisingly clean because it gets cleaned a lot and urine is sterile anyway, so it sounds like it should be filthy but isn't so everyone's horrified.

  12. Anonymous1:08 am

    I have a theory about germs...the more you are surrounded with, the more you become immune to them. That way, when the plague comes you will be one of the survivors...along with the zombies etc.
    (it's my favorite cleaning avoidance excuse)

  13. Anonymous11:35 am

    Anita, you are someone after my own heart! I think it is actually true, as well - There has definately been research which shows that children brought up on farms / around animals are less likely to suffer from allergies, and - their immune systems are more effective and they tend to enjoy better healthgenerally..

  14. Amysue, take care with crackling sounds of doom, it sounds worrying. Definite risk of something bad happening.

    You know Lanark, I wouldn't be surprised if toilet seats aren't that dangerous, as you suggest.

    I find myself fully agreeing with Marjorie and Anita here. A certain amount of germs in your environment is probably good for your immune system. I also use this theory as an incentive not to do any cleaning...

  15. Anonymous12:30 am

    LOL! The post-apocalyptic world will be peopled with all of us bad housekeepers.

  16. I can't clean to save my life, willing to, but am simply no good at it. I have a nice 15 year old who comes over every other week and keeps my house somewhere people would like to go.(Pay her way more than fast food, may be responsible for her getting a car at 16)

    If it weren't for her.....(Sounds of doom)

    Worth every dime.

  17. Anonymous9:22 am

    And in that post-apocolyptic, bad-housekeepery world there will be squads of vigilantes roaming the country to ensure that no-one imperils our new world by cleaning in an over enthusiastic way "....PUT DOWN the domestos and step away from the hot spay water..."

  18. Keyboards are tenacious little blighters.

    I thought Spiderman 3 was a huge towering inferno of shit. Personally my money is on High School Musical 3 to take home the Oscars. I have a feeling time will tell on that one.

  19. Come the apocalypse I am secure in the knowledge that I will have plenty of books, yarn and fabric. Sadly, I won't have food or water or enough insulin so I'm probably doomed.

    Given all that I agree that extensive cleaning is silly.