Saturday, June 14, 2008

European Championship

Am lying on the couch watching football on TV. There's a lot of it on. The European Championship is here. Sadly, neither England nor Scotland qualified. Most people here, if they're supporting any country at all, probably favour Holland or Spain for their exciting football. Personally I admire the relentless determination of the Germans. And being a dour Scot, I like their rather dour nature. But enough of racially stereotyping my fellow Europeans. I'm enjoying the football anyway.

Sainsbury changed the packaging on it's rhubarb crumble! I'm very unhappy about this. I dislike all change. These people shouldn't just go around changing the packaging on people's favourite food. Don't they know the ruinous effect it can have on the obsessive compulsives among us? Examined it for a long time, wondering if it was safe to buy. It doesn't seem right. Bought it eventually, but am very suspicious of the whole thing.

The new edition of Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me has made it onto, though it's not released till September. It will be good having multiple books in print again, having gone more or less completely out of print a few years ago.

Had a minor alarm when I noticed, in my web stats, an unnatural amount of visits to my website by one person. Took me a while to realise that this person was in fact me. I had failed to set the blocking cookie correctly. Alarm over. I'm relieved not to be being stalked again anyway. There have been incidents in the past. You'd be surprised. But these days I am guarded round the clock by an elite team of glamorous female secret agents, so I'm not really worried.


  1. Changed wrapping on the crumble? Surely nothing that a little exorcism could not solve...
    A few choice incantations (in latin - backwards) a couple of candles and the cruble should be safe to eat. Unless it is a zombie crumble. Give it a sniff. If it smells okay, you can still eat it.

    I to am often dropping by to see if there is an update. I am not so much of a terribly sexy super agent, though.

  2. Martin, I am sorry about the packaging, but did you know rhubarb crumble is one of the easiest things going to make? I will share this secret with you if you like..

    I stop by here a lot too, like Spacelaw to see if anything is new, but she is too modest. I've met her. I'd have to say tho, we are both pretty safe as far as the stalking thing goes. I mean who has that kind of TIME...

    (tho people do. Not fun. Both sad and scary when it happens, I do know)

  3. hey martin i just went strawberry and rhubarb picking! and i am going to make pie with it. wish i could give u a slice but i dont think ull be in camden anytime soon. i too drop by the blog a lot. and im the thrid female to admit maybe getting stalked isn't too bad? hope the crumble tastes the same even if the packaging is different.

  4. I didn't mean to make any regular visitors feel like stalkers! There was only one weird anomaly in the web stats, and that was me.

    The 'make your own rhubarb crumble' option does come up sometimes, but I remain dubious. I'm sure it would take a lot of time, and preparation, maybe more than I'd be able to give it these days.

    Will the future bring some sort of 'pudding transfer device?' that would be great.

  5. Zero to oven, 20 minutes. Kid you not.

    I used to have a friend at DC Comics who would fed-ex me lunch from the Stage Deli every so often, but can't see it working overseas with crumble....

  6. I shall enter the "pudding transfer device"in the research programme for the next generation of space station.