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With regard to the blog below, here's an update, written on 25 August, 2012 - I've been working on a ninth Thraxas book. This has been going well, and I hope to have it published as an ebook before the end of the year.

I get a lot of email about Thraxas, the series I wrote under the name of Martin Scott. And a lot of people leave messages on the Thraxas website, asking about the next book. So I thought I'd write a blog about it, so as I can have somewhere to refer people, when they ask about it.

The situation with Thraxas is: I wrote eight books in the series. They were published by Orbit in Britain, Baen in the USA, and quite a lot of other publishers around the world. The first book won the World Fantasy Award, and Thraxas has been translated a lot.

However. Orbit didn't want to publish a ninth book. Baen did, but after a long time, contract negotiation between my agent and Baen broke down. This was over a rights dispute, rather than money. I'm not going to go against my agent on this. You can't just give a publisher whatever they want in a contract.

So. I thought both Orbit and Baen did a good job with their publishing of Thraxas, but at present there is no publisher for a ninth book.

There is another side to all this. Really, in the past couple of years, I haven't paid as much attention to Thraxas as I should have. A few years ago I was overwhelmed by agoraphobia. At the same time, my writing career took a nosedive, leaving me without a publisher for anything, including any books under the name of Martin Millar, all of which went out of print. When this happened, I found it hard to get going on anything.

After some time, I got things moving again with the publication of Lonely Werewolf Girl. This has gone very well, but it took all my attention. More or less at the same time, Soft Skull in the USA re-printed The Good Fairies of New York. This has also gone well. So, writing career now going rather better.

However, given the agoraphobia, and general career problems, I didn't have enough energy to really apply myself to Thraxas. Possibly if I had I'd have sorted something out. But for the immediate future, there isn't any prospect of a ninth book coming out. I regret this, but I don't feel too badly about it. Having eight books published in the series was quite a success really, more than I expected when I wrote the first one. Thraxas is a fine character and I'm pleased to have unleashed him on the world.

In other news, I'll soon sign a contract for a Greek edition of Lonely Werewolf Girl. Next year should see its publication in the USA, Italy and Greece.


  1. This isn't on the subject of Thraxas but i was wondering if you had heard about the new show Joss Whedon is working on with Eliza Dushku. There's an article about it here

    Thats all, really excited about the reprinting of "Good Fairies" hopefully it will be followed by some of your other books as they can be really hard to get ahold of here.

  2. Of course the best thing about this, is it means there are 7 more for me to get and read once we figure out where we are going to be living (moving not homeless) :)

  3. Anonymous12:08 am

    I was really hoping there would be a 9th Thraxas. I hope it can come out sometime.

  4. Anonymous4:07 pm

    Please write another Thraxas!

  5. Anonymous12:08 am

    I've just finnished rereading the thraxas books, and the tragedy is that it has no resolution.

    If there's no chance of a ninth (Final??) book being published could we get a plot synopsis of how it all turns out?

    Imagine if Buffy had been cancelled after Graduation day Pt1, thats how it feels.

  6. Anonymous12:22 pm

    I hope you will find your way back to Thraxas someday, it felt like ARRGGGHHHHH what will happend next!?! when I had read the last Thraxas.

    I enjoyed Lonely Werewolf Girl ALOT!!! and I will pick upp "Good Fairies" next.

    Happy Writing
    Patrik (from Sweden)

  7. Anonymous1:36 pm

    I really enjoyed the whole thraxas series! Although he's nearly twice my age, i can relate a lot to this character :D
    I'm a bit sad about the end of the series. cos I really would like to know what happens to Thraxas and the others. It would be fine if the ending wasn't so... open

  8. Thraxas is one of the best-plotted and characterised fantasy series in years! I appreciate that the hiatus and the publishing difficulties may have made it hard for you to re-focus on Thraxas - especially after producing new and excellent work under your own name - but PLEASE don't leave us (and Thraxas)(and Makri - WOW) all at sea. Gaunnie write anither wan, gaunnie dae it, eh? Atsagemme.
    Big Bob c/o The Clutha

  9. What about Makri?

    Surely there's at least one Makri story in you - Makri receives a mysterious message from her first love who is in trouble and sets off to help her - across neighbouring enemy territory. Thraxas sets off in reluctant pursuit to rescue Makri - or else he risks having his pie supply cut off.

    Meanwhile, Makri finds her first love and it turns out to be.....

    That sort of thing.

  10. Please write us some more Thraxas. It has definitely been my favorite fantasy series of this decade. I think it would make a great tv show.

  11. Anonymous1:34 am

    Just wanted to thank you for your help in getting Lonely Werewolf Girl; the Royal Mail package arrived, no doubt puzzling the local postman, and I enjoyed the enclosed book very much.

    Very sorry to hear about the phobia, I wish you the best in overcoming it.

    I can understand the problems you face with the publisher issue regarding a 9th Thraxas, but I have to admit to agreeing with the other posters who are begging to find out what the heck is going to happen to the gang as they go sailing off into the sunset with the city burning behind them - some things just call for resolution. :-)

    Will emails to Baen serve any use to let them know how many of us want to find out what Part 9 is?

    Thanks again for all the enjoyable hours spent with your novels, and best of luck, John

  12. Anonymous11:47 pm

    Firstly, Thank you so much for Thraxas and the rest of the crew. I still read them over and over again when I need a giggle.
    I wish you all the best and hope you come out of this soon. You are an incredible fun writer and am glad to of had the opertunity to read your work.
    Looking forward to your come back!

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  14. Mr Millar,

    I realize you have an illness in agoraphobia, however, as a psychologist, I tell you that you can get over it if you really wanted to. Having said that, i read your blog where you advised you do not really think about the Thraxas series and do not have any intentions of publishing a 9th book; this is most disturbing.

    As an avid reader, i feel you need to learn a thing or two about being an author. Once you have written a series that has developed a loyal following, continuing to write that series, or at least come to some logical conclusion to your "To Be Continued" 8th book, is the least you could to for readers like me, who are the ones responsible for making it such a success. You could be the best author in the world but with out readers you would be nothing. You owe us at least to finish what you left us with in book 8. I do love your books and i tell you, there is nothing more frustrating as a reader, than coming to the end of a series you love only to find it open ended and unanswered by a following book.

    So, as a loyal fan, I implore you; pull your self together, stop wallowing in self pity, find a publisher and and finish the series. You owe us that much. Remember, a phobia is an IRRATIONAL fear


  15. Anonymous10:18 pm

    Like Ryan, who I think I'm right in thinking has taken the news quite badly, I too was very disappointed to hear that Thraxas was to be no more.

    However, Martin you will be relived to know I have chosen to turn my ire on Orbit rather than yourself.

    I have sent your former publishers a rather firm email explaining how your wonderful series is too good for them not to continue publishing it and that they should resume doing so as soon as possible.

    Hope it helps.

  16. Anonymous12:17 pm

    I just want to second what others have said, that I understand your problems but as others I would love to have another Thraxas (or more than one) or at least to know what will happen with the characters.
    Take care! And thanks for the serie :)

  17. Anonymous1:03 am

    i am deeply disappointed to hear there will be no conclusion to the thraxas series. i have enjoyed the first eight immensely. i'm trying to understand the decision not to write the ninth (possibly last?) book in the series, but am having a hard time. what about the people who spent their money on the first eight? don't we deserve a conclusion? the decision not to write a ninth seems selfish. i don't know if i'm alone in this line of thought, but i feel an author has a responsibility to his or her readers.

  18. Anonymous11:31 am

    Just looking into Thraxas as they haven't been translated into Dutch for many years now. Can't seem to get the English ones either. Life's funny like that.

  19. Anonymous8:53 pm

    I read alot a book from bean, from what I gater reading the author and articles they publish in thier magasin is that they dont believe in digital management rights. this means they dont want to lock or encode books. They want the person who baught the electronic version of the book in any formate they chose. vie word,web browser or any E-Reader. If it is just an issuse of electronic rights then they are many artices that are on the subject on thier univese site(thier e-magasine). But this is just me wanting some conclusion to the story.

  20. Anonymous11:42 am

    well i think everthing's been said already. the thraxas series is so incredibly good that we ABSOLUTELY have to know how it "ends"... please keep writing or start again ;) much love from germany

  21. Anonymous1:12 pm


    I would be very happy if you publish another book about Thraxas.
    You have good reasons for why you don't want to do this, but it's hard for every fan of the book series with such an open end like after the 8th book :-|

    I hope you think about it again, and publish the book with an end fans of the series can live with.

  22. Anonymous3:14 am

    Ryan is a tremendous jackass who is almost certainly about 14 years old.

    And most of the other people who are criticizing without compassion for the incomplete Thraxas series clearly haven't thought about the realities of being a working writer.

    Just wanted to make sure you knew that there were sane, non-entitled people reading your blog, too.

  23. Anonymous1:46 pm

    Hi huge fan of Thraxas read the whole series many of times just wondering have you considered making a movie? I think the first book would make an awesome movie.

  24. Dear Martin, Rabbi Yaakov Weinberg, may his memory be a blessing once taught, "Partnerships are only a matter of time." (not to be confused with marriages, btw). This is typically because one side or the other pushes for "just a little bit more" and breaks the relationship - over nothing really, if one were to stop and think about it.

    You have given us such a wonderful, wonderful gift in the Thraxas series. It seems to me that there must be a way to work out royalties after publication, rather than up front and for a reasonable, scalable way. Even if the publisher doesn't pay you 100% what you deserve - what good does it do anyone to have an unpublished manuscript on the shelf? As a writer/publisher myself, I know, that it is really a labor of love and very hard to make money in the field, so I do it out of love for my audience and am so much richer for it.

    Martin, you are truly blessed with a gift. You have given us all so many unbelievably cherished hours with Thraxas, Makri and the wonderful characters of Turai and the Orcish lands. Your wit and humor are so ticklish and so wonderful. It's like drinking an unbelievably good bottle of wine every time I sit down with one of your books. I really hope you can work things out and bring out the next book.

    And more than that, I hope you will recognize all the gifts the wonderful person who wrote this series possesses.

    Thank you so much for all the books so far and may G-d bless you with happiness for all the joy and happiness you have shared with the world and to continue to share more with us all. Looking forward and wishing you all the best! :-) With Love, Moshe Eliovson

  25. Anonymous7:37 pm

    Hi, I'm just another fan hoping to see the next book in the Thraxas series. Hope it all works out with the publishers. Thanks for all the fun I've had so far.

  26. Anonymous2:47 am

    Thank you for the Thraxas books. I think it was Dylan (Bob, not Thomas) who said, "Just because you like my stuff doesn't mean I owe you anything," so, like the others, I have to say thank you for what you did give us.

    However, like the others, it would be great if, one day, you write a conclusion, or at least let us know how they (if they did) get out of that mess.

    Whether you do or not, thanks for giving me the pleasure of the books you did write. It's not too often that novels make me laugh aloud, but yours did.

  27. Anonymous12:06 am

    8'th Thraxas book was published in Russia last year. I hope you know about that. And 8th book looks unfinished, so i guess it is not quite fair to readers to leave it like this. It is quite pity that you had such problems with your publishers, but i'm sure that it is not a big problem to find another one for such popular book. I wish you good lack and hope you'll make it witn your health. Waiting for the 9th book

  28. Anonymous3:52 am

    Hmmm.. maybe it's time for a "Friends of Thraxas" to emerge??

    What do you think Martin?

  29. What was the nature of the dispute with Baen? They are my favorite publisher, I especially like their online library and their progressive ideas about the best ways to combat online piracy and effectively market E-books... I also find that they publish some of the best fantasy authors out there.

  30. Anonymous6:36 pm

    I am sorry to hear about the agoraphobia and publishing problems :/. I really enjoyed the Thraxas series :). I hope you get better soon and that you find nicer publishers to work with. As an aside, I have always thought that Thraxas would lend itself very well to an anime series. If such an adaptation was successful it could help pave the way for the 9th novel ;)...

  31. Anonymous11:57 pm

    Hey thanks for the info, i seached a long time to find out if you working on the 9th book. But its really a pitty that there will be none. I think thraxas is the coolest char. that i´ve ever read about, and i was hoping that he and makri will kick the orks asses out of turai...maybe some day you have enough energy for this story. I´ll hope it. greetings from germany

  32. 27th June 2008

    Thanks for all the comments posted. I appreciate the support, though I don't have anything new to tell you about Thraxas.

  33. Martin, If your agent and Baen can't work something out soon I am going to go Gaxeen on your asses

  34. Anonymous7:01 pm

    Please write the ninth book of my favorite private detektiv, this is one of the best ironic fantasy series!
    Thx for the other 8 books of thraxas, but i want more^^

  35. Anonymous2:12 am

    keep up the good work Mr Millar! I am glad you are feeling better and your career is picking up. I read a lot and you are my favorite writer!

  36. Anonymous7:15 pm

    Martin, I have been reading fantasy books for 40 years and find your Thraxas novels amongst my favorite. I implore you to continue writing about Thraxas as a service to your devoted fans. I would be glad to purchase self-published books if Baen can't be dealt with. If begging doesn't help then tell your fan's what we can do to help. I think we would all go together and hire Sarin the Merciless to visit Baen on your behalf....Your fan Steve

  37. I'm as miserable as a Niojan whore thinking there might not be any more Thraxas novels.. an agent who can't make a deal with Baen is as uselss as a one-legged gladiator.

  38. I just finished the last Thraxas book and I'm feeling decidedly bereft upon learning you do not have plans for more. I understand that with the agoraphobia ("shudder" what an awful trial for you-I have no idea what it must be like and can only imagine) and problems with publishers as well as embarking on a new series you probably are not interested in revisiting the famously flawed P.I.

    Yet, while refusing to invoke the so-called "rights" of loyal fandom, I urge you to rescue Thraxas from the desperate circumstance in which you left him. I mean, have heart! He's eternally afloat with two sick women, watching his city being burned and plundered AND I don't believe you mentioned anything about food being brought along. This is Thraxas--I don't think he can even survive the thought of not having food, much less the reality!

    It's impossible to believe that they will not encounter a storm out there, it having been made clear that this was the season for them. Oh my! Is this any way to leave a character who has been so good to you? I ask you?

    You needn't set out on a huge ninth book project, just reserve a tiny portion on your computer screen to visit Thraxas from time to time and cast a little hope into his life. Then painlessly, over time, the story will emerge.

    And if that isn't enough, what about Tanrose?? Surely, the finest cook in Twelve Seas deserves to be rescued!

  39. I couldn't agree more! I would be as happy as an elf in a tree if I could only find out what happens next to our number one chariot, Thraxas. Maybe Martin can move to a rural area/hermit cave where there are no busses or crowds.

  40. Anonymous11:46 pm

    I had Thraxas on my mind tonight, checked to see when the next book might be ready, and got to this site. My husband and I have introduced the Thraxas series to many readers over the years and we would of course be in line for the next book.
    If you have any parts of the ninth book, even in an unfinished state, would you consider selling pdf version online to your dedicated readers? Or if it is in a more finished state - doing an online self-publishing thing via or someone like that who does books on demand? I would be a buyer in either scenario.

  41. Anonymous6:15 pm gotta get your act together and get the ninth book out...its been quite a long time now..Loyal fans have been left in a state of ridiculousness..Get yourself going and bring out the last of the Thraxas. It is just painful that such an amazing series has been clouded over by rights disputes. But be true to the fans and get some going on for the ninth and last book.

  42. Anonymous10:23 pm

    That's really bad that the ninth book won't be published. The last book left me with a feeling that there is something coming and now it isn't. That's very disappointing. I hope you'll find a way. ( Or your agent or whoever)

  43. Have you ever thought of publishing on line as a ebook ?

  44. I'm writing a bibliography of books where mystery and fantastic fiction intersect and my editor sent me information on the Thraxas series. I'm so glad that she did. Reading for this entry has been a blast!

    I'm sorry you're struggling with agoraphobia. That must be awful. I hope that it's going better today.

    The "new world" (not just North American rights and worldwide rights but electronic rights) must have thrown publishers for a loop. Hopefully they'll stop flailing around and make a good offer.

    I'm with the people who really want a ninth book. You should take it as a great compliment. We're all so concerned about the characters. I want Makri to get credit for her classes - how will she ever get her degree? They do have a joint of meat with a preservative spell (and more importantly drink and thazis)but how long can their supplies last, and what about the storms? OK, I know they're imaginary characters, but I'm worried! (Great writing!)

    Post deadline (January...aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh) I'm going to get Lonely Werewolf Girl (I'm another Buffy fan) and the Soft Skull edition of The Good Fairies of New York. I'm looking forward to them. Thank you for your work!

  45. Anonymous2:29 am

    Agoraphobia? Lack of energy? Get your lazy ass out of the house and get some fresh air! The exercise will do you good and will hopefully inspire you. As an author you have a responsibility to your readers. We want a new f****ng book! What are you waiting for? Come on, up, up, up! There you go...

  46. Anonymous4:27 pm

    Any chance of a resolution in a different format. I was thinking that the series would make a great series of GNs/comics.
    Cheers and all the best for however this turns out.

  47. Hey, how many of you would be willing to pitch in $50 each so we can hire a chick to dress up as Makri and go to Martin's house and beat the crap out of him until he writes the next Thraxas book?

  48. Anonymous5:10 am

    Martin, Why don't you get Soft Skull to publish Thraxas?

    Orbit doesn't want the job. Baen is being a difficult and a waste of your valuable time.

    You have a working relationship with Soft Skull. Ask your Agent to make a deal with Soft Skull and get Thraxas Book 9 Published.

    There, you have a third option. Drop Baen & Orbits like a bad habit. Move forward and make dreams come true.

  49. Anonymous6:11 pm

    I'd like to join the party of those who really, really care for a ninth book (and no.s 10, 11, 12, ...) - I finished part eight about 20 minutes ago and went straight to this site to find out more about the future of Thraxas. Thank you a lot for those plots, those characters, ...

    It's so sad that great ideas are suppressed by an argument about mere laws... on the other hand, I feel deeply with you and your problems. I suppose there is only a certain amount of tragedy one is willing to shoulder for a single book?!

    If there is anything we could do to support the next novel being published, please tell us! (by the way, epictetus idea sounds sound, doesn't it?)

    By the way, I was deeply satisfied from the anti-climatic end of part eight: Finally Thraxas is able to shatter each and every civilizations as he drops by, searching for a drop of Abbott's Best, instead of only causing terror in Twelve Seas! Imagine what he could be in a run-down pub in Samserika! Probably gambling aboard the Trans-Samserikan mail coach?

  50. Anonymous1:11 pm

    Hi Martin,
    I'm just joining the ever growing list of fans desperate to see the next book in the Thraxas series.
    The last one was a real cliff hanger.
    Hope the publishers get their act together.
    If not, I think the eBook suggestion was a good one, I'd buy it instantly!
    Thanks for the story so far - but what happens next ???

  51. Anonymous1:08 am

    If it's possible, please reprint the thraxas series. they aren't available except for expensive collector's copies on the internet.

  52. Anonymous11:17 pm

    Well, I guess we should be grateful for the first eight books - other writers might have needed 18 years to write them, extrapolating for example from nine years for the first four installments of "A Song of Ice and Fire", and four years for the fifth installment alone. No offense to JRRM intended - there's a man with a long-term view of things!
    So I'd say there is a realistic chance Thraxas will be completed before ASoIaF is... ;-)

  53. Anonymous9:20 am

    Hi! I'm writing my BA on humour in fantasy and I write about Thraxas series. However, I've got a problem. What is the name of the world Thraxas lives in? How it looks like? There is only a map of Turai neigbourhood and it would be nice to see how Elvish Isles look. I would appreciate any information on the geography of this world. Maybe some links? My e-mail:

  54. Anonymous4:41 am

    Hi Martin,

    I don’t know if you read your blog after all this time, but I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Thraxas books. Very few books do I re-read (which is how I grade them in my thinking: those I re-read are high up but those I re-read 3 or more time are the best) but yours I have read 3-4 times each. Your characters are personal, driving your story and bringing the reader (that’s me) into an engaging world of mishap shaped by wit and plot.

    I don’t know if prayer has any meaning for you, it does to me. I am happy to talk to Jesus and ask for help in your behalf. I have seen him step in many times in my life, healing me of back injuries (disks returning to spot and muscles healed), knee injury, tendentious, torn rotary cup (ever try play basketball when you can’t lift your elbow above you shoulder? Thank God it wasn’t my shooting arm), hay fever I’ve had for many years (almost un-functional out side) gone in a day (I can’t tell you how much joy it is to be free of that; especially here in the land of rag-weed, mold and pollen). Jesus is not a respecter of person; Namaan was the enemy of Israel but healed just like that. I know this: he can and will set you free of this fear.

    Thanks for your writing,


  55. Anonymous6:32 pm

    I love all your books and especially loved Lonely werewolf girl but thraxus is special and i hope you find your way back to him one day.

  56. Hey,

    do you got some new information about thraxas? I love that book an d would be pleased to read the next part of the story!!

  57. Anonymous1:34 pm

    Write a ninth Book and close all the open ends....
    I waited years now.

  58. ted the monk4:11 pm

    hi martin, wishing you all the best and hope that you have read around the selfish people who have posted on here and seen the level of support that you have on here in getting better and manage to continue writing the tale of thraxas and the other characters.
    yes its annoying it was left as an open ending but that is where our imagination must take over to provide a ending! i like to choose thraxas becomes general of the human and elf armies due to his brilliance on the niarit board and wins back turai ;D

  59. tedthemonk4:55 pm

    hi martin,
    after reading your blog and the follow up messages i can only support the idea of a online book and recommend PLEASE trying to find a new publisher in britain or america atleast!! i would go far as to say try the greek publisher you presently use and i would be happy to learn greek to carry on reading thraxas :D
    best wishes fighting the agoraphobia and hope to hear news soon

  60. Anonymous11:59 am

    hi, i would love if the next book of Thraxas would be published. if the book publisher and the agent cannot agree, why not just make your book an e-book? Very little overhead costs, all rights kept, happy fans:)
    Self-publishing can be difficult, without huge marketing budgets of publishers, but you are an established author, of an established series, so there are already many purchasers.

    just make sure to choose many formats, or formats easy to convert, like .rtf, so that we can all read it on differing e-readers.

  61. Anonymous1:28 pm

    The ninth book deal has been stalled between Baen and your agent since what? 2007?
    And hasn't been resolved yet?

    Christ, get a new agent FFS.
    You writing novels to make money or not?
    How much money is your agent making you by not resolving the Baen deal?

    I guess if you don't write books to make money then it's not a problem, except you obviously have plenty of fans who'd like to see a conclusion.

    Hell if you really don't care about the money just post the last novel up on your website for people to read for free.

  62. I will pledge $50 if this novel is published, maybe if 1000 other people can pledge he will write it!

  63. In the US, several books have been written on the business model that the author writes the first chapter for free, and the second chapter a week or so later if people donate a certain amount of money...(I think it was $1250 a chapter). Sharon Lee and Steve Miller did their latest two Liaden novels on that basis. And they promised that if the novel was finished people who kicked in $25 would get a signed copy of the book. This allowed them to write books they wanted to write before they had a publisher for the books, and it established that there was a market for the books. It seems like something like that might be a possibility for you. Certainly, I was unsatisfied with where Thraxas left off, and would pay to help keep things going.

  64. Anonymous3:11 am

    Очень жаль, я так хотел прочитать новые приключения Фракса. Спасибо, Мартин, что вы написали свои книги. Успехов вам, и может быть вы найдете когда-нибудь время на продолжение.

  65. Anonymous4:14 am

    Mr Millar,
    There are not many series I find engaging enough to keep and read over and over again but Thraxas is one of them. I find myself reading them over and over again over the the years. I am leaving this comment to ask you to please; please do a ninth book for Thraxas and at least put the series to rest, if not end, so that I and the rest of your thraxas fans can have closure to the series. At least for a while until you either decide to lay it to rest or start it up again. I find it very difficult to purchase and read your other books because I find myself wondering if it is just going to be another book where you quit and leave us hanging. We, your fans, did alot for you by buying and enjoying your thraxas books. Don't you feel that you at least owe us some closure on the series?
    Give it some consideration please,
    Doc Alaska

  66. Mr Millar,

    As I suffer from socialphobia (fear of people, especially touch) myself I realise how hard it is to overcome a phobia, I've been lucky enough to have good support from family and friends so have avoided the trap of agraphobia which often occurs to socialphobics as avoiding people almost inevitably ends up with avoiding going out. During my darkest times I found reading books to be a great comfort as I could loose myself in another reality, your Thraxas books were a great read and Makri especially became an inspiration for me. Even if you never get another publisher please could you for all your loyal fans at least close the series by explain either by short story online or synopsis what happens to Thraxas, Makri and others after the last book. I wish you luck in fighting your own internal demons as I know from experience how hard it is, especially as others rarely understand, unfortunately dr's seem to be the least understanding.
    Thank you for the many happy hours you have given with the wonderful world Thraxas lives in.

  67. Gosh, people are really rude sometimes about feeling entitled to your time, eh? It would be lovely if you would write more Thraxas books, but you don't owe any of us anything, and your other books are great anyway - and thank goodness you're getting published without such problems these days!

    The rest of you, if you want to see more Thraxas books, maybe you can go and wangle film deals for the ones that have already been published, or something. It seems pretty clear from this post that there's not much point nagging the author about it at the moment.

  68. Anonymous12:24 am

    From Burnart (in Australia),

    Hey Martin thanks for the books. Love the world of Thraxas it seems very solid - informed by the real world and the expectations we have of fantasy worlds from Tolkien to discworld et al. I'm a late comer to the series but have now got and read them all except the first 1 which I still haven't located. I'm depressed by the lack of conclusion to the siege and war. I understand the difficulties and hope the future makes it possible to conclude it at some point. In the mean time I'll see if one of my local shops has the wolf girl ....

    Don't give up on the Thraxas idea and have some fun along the way with whatever you do. Cheers (with dram of choice)

  69. Anonymous2:26 pm

    just finished reading thraxas 8(ive spent the last week with your series) and 5 minutes later i found this...
    there was a "gnaaaaa...." reaction

    but i can wait :)

  70. Anonymous4:29 pm

    Верните Фракса, этот добрый толстяк захватил наши сердца.

  71. Anonymous5:03 pm

    Please Martin, pleeeez write another Thraxas book! Atleast tie up the story. Pleeeeeeezzzz! (On my knees begging)

  72. jon paul gazzard4:24 pm

    another book would be great but I would hope for a couple more ! I thank martin for the books he has produced and would gladly buy any further publications of thraxas !

  73. jon paul gazzard4:42 pm

    maybe it would a pertition from fans of thraxas to send to orbit - if martin would agree ?

  74. Anonymous10:00 am

    My post won't be nothing new:) But, pleas mate, keep going with Thraxas - if you have no publisher, have you considered releasing it under CC licence and a donation button? Or you don't have rights to do do this? Because, well, if you don't have anymore plans for Thraxas, and you already have a ready written book - this would be win-win situation. Fans get the last(?) book, you get the some cash;)

  75. David6:13 pm

    Sorry to hear about the agrophobia. I only recently came across the Thraxas series and have now read the first 7, waiting for a very slow Amazon to deliver 8. I actually prefer the books published under your actual name (best for me is LUX THE POET) to the Thraxas books which are pretty terrible prose redeemed by very engaging characters. If you write more great, if not then it was fun and we can use our own imaginations to carry on. Soo good luck and thanks.

  76. Michel4:33 pm

    If it's only a matter of publishing instead of writing then please send the ninth thraxas to my private adress only ;-) Just kidding.

    Thanks for all the fun I had reading eight adventures of Thraxas. Hopefully there will be a ninth!!

    Good luck and Thanks

  77. Anonymous4:33 am

    Firstly I adore the Thraxas series. Secondly as mild agoraphobic with bi-polar disorder I understand some of your difficulty's and readily appreciate persnickity publishers. However I do feel as an author you have a certain responsibility to your fans who have supported your career. I hope you are able to do the right thing. Love, light & peace. Alastair.

  78. Thraxas was one of the first books my father gave me and i loved it :D, bad to see that there is just such a little chance that we will have a 9th book. Maybe i should read one of your other books but i don´t think that i could love them as much as i loved the Thraxas books. I hope you will find a way to do finally one moore Thraxas book :D. Good luck. Julian from Germany

  79. I'm commenting to let you know that there are still fans of Thraxas out there, all over the world, and that we'd love another Thraxas book if you would ever have the time and strength to write it!

  80. Hello hope all is well with you I check this blog every year or so and always with fingers crossed for another book, I read the first one on a beach in Fiji after someone gave me a copy. Since then I've read them all and am still holding out for the 9th. No rush though if it ever does get published I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

    All the best Rob Isle of Wight

  81. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Hello, i red all Thraxas's books and I still waiting for next book. Please, please give us one more book! Please!!!

  82. Kevin2:28 am

    I actually picked up Thraxas and The Sorcerers randomly at a trainstation bookstore in Korea. It was in the discount bin and I decided to buy it. Best 3,000 won ever spent. I have almost got all of them, sad to hear there wont be any more coming out.

  83. 13- August- 2012: I have been working on a ninth Thraxas book, I hope to have it published as an ebook by the end of the year.

  84. Let me be among the first to thank *you* SO MUCH!!! :-)

    You just made a lot of people's day!

    Blessing and success in health, happiness and career Martin !

  85. Anonymous10:34 am

    Thank You Thank You Thank You - I am a huge fan of Thraxas!! I cannot wait until the ninth book comes out. I would prefer a real book but hey, I am just stoked you have a ninth at all! I hope you keep writing more Thraxas books! You really deserve a pot of money for this series, absolute GOLD! Thank you