Tuesday, June 01, 2010

More Computer Problems. Sigh.

What a trying week. My computer broke down, again. I had to have a new hard drive fitted last November, when it was only a couple of months old, and now it’s happened again. A complete hard-drive failure. I had to take it to the Apple Store in Regent Street to get a new drive fitted.

This has shaken my faith in Apple somewhat. Their support and free repair service has been really good, but it’s quite unsettling to have a new MacBook Pro and be on my third hard drive in eight months.

Naturally, the whole thing was very stressful. I was meant to go last weekend but several hours before setting off I managed to pour boiling water over my arm in a shocking household accident. This was really painful, and as I ran my arm under the cold tap I was envisioning myself in a hospital bed surrounded by drip-feeds, skin grafts and anxious relatives. It didn’t turn out to be that serious, though it did hurt dreadfully for a few hours before starting to feel better. By the evening it was all right, if very red. But it had put me right off visiting the Apple store.

The next appointment I could make was last Saturday. That was a poor choice of day. My agoraphobia made the visit difficult anyway, and it became worse as I arrived to find that it was iPad launch day. The Apple store was absolutely besieged by eager customers. There seemed to be several million people there, all wanting iPads. There were assistants and security guards shepherding the vast crowd in all directions. As I stood at the foot of the stairs, waiting for my group of people to be allowed upstairs, I realised that I’d picked a very bad time to visit.

“I’m afraid we’re running late” I was informed. I nodded gloomily, and settled in for a long, quite anxious wait. I couldn’t really blame the store, as the place was absolutely crammed with people wanting iPads.

At least the repair was quick. They’d replaced my hard drive by the next day and I’m now back in business, after the fairly tedious process of reloading my new operating system and software and work files and so on. Urgh.

Will this hard drive last longer than the others? I hope so.


  1. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Terrible lot, that is. I just obliterated my hard drive with kitchen magnet of all things. As a total moron, i had nothing backed up. So 4 years of pics, music, journals and short stories pulverized in my crystalline moment of absent mindedness.
    As i cannot find my original packing, i cannot put iLIFE software back on. This was all very distressing. So raise a glass to that. I'm almost done with my annual summer re read of Lonely Werewolf Girl. Always an enjoyment.

  2. Loxie2:47 am

    I've always found Western Digital hard drives to be fairly reliable, had mine for years and retired them for lack of space before they ever failed. And my more recent Seagate drive has been in my pc for over a year now.

    On another book related note, WHY do Americans have to wait till August!? :( I'd be tempted to buy the British version of Curse of the Wolf Girl if the cover girl didn't look so... CREEPY--for lack of a better term. Even Piatkus' version of the original had some charm to it. I'm curious, do the book covers go through your personal approval before they're given the go ahead?

    Anyways, if you know of a faster way to get the American version of the book, let your fans know!

  3. I'm with Loxie. Western Digital hard drives have never let me down, where as apple hard drives have. What i ended up doing was replacing my hard drive with a WD and buying an external usb/firewire hard drive to keep my important stuff on (all my music, photos, writings, etc). So when the system crashes i just reinstall the os and the programs and im fine.

    Can not wait for the new Lonely Werewolf Girl. oh boy i can not wait.

  4. Loxie, publication date for Curse of the Wolf Girl is August, both in Britain and America, so you won't have any extra wait. I like the new British cover! I like the American one too.