Monday, May 24, 2010

Kalix. Fluch der Werwölfe

This is the cover for the German edition of Curse of the Wolf Girl, to be published by Fischer in September.

I put the title - Kalix. Fluch der Werwölfe - into Google translator quite enthusiastically, hoping it might translate as Kalix fucks the werewolf. Which would have been a brave choice of title by the publisher. But it turns out that fluch means curse. That does make more sense really.

Summer appears to have arrived. I have celebrated the sunny weather by having several clumsy household accidents, then sitting in front of my Playstation in a gloomy state of mind, wondering why I'm so clumsy. Some genetic condition, perhaps? Well, I suppose there are worse things than being clumsy.


  1. I like that cover, wish I remembered enough German. Then again, I'd probably just read it in English anyways. But it looks like such a nice cover.

  2. Clumsiness is the universe's way of telling us that we're not gods and I will get that bitch universe back for it too! I was, otherwise, quite sure that I was, in fact, a god.

  3. I have it in English, and signed (thanks, Martin!) but think I'll see if has it -- need to work on my German.

    "Werwölfe" is the plural of "Werwolf", so if the German title was "Kalix fickt die Werwölfe" the publisher might be even braver than Martin was thinking.

  4. Anonymous5:16 pm

    martin i am so happy you got the playstation-they are a blast!! and thank you for writing this awesome book....i read lonely werewolf girl last week and it made my whole week. i look so forward to everything you write and I also love my playstation so much when I should be drawing instead, that I momentarily stopped to go, oh no, if martin gets sucked into that playstation we will have to wait twice as long for the next book. as long as your fingers are still attached and you can write who cares if you're a bit clumsy- all the more reason to stay inside. thank you for the awesome read!!!!

  5. I doubt would have it, it is still a few months from street date in the US, and a few days later in the UK. (Really, we get it first? How the?)

    Sad I missed whatever contest you found to get a copy already. I've had to pass time reading Jon Winters (Gilbert Cross) books, he is from the UK, and the endings seem to wrap up in ways that remind me of Millar, but since they were written in the late 70's early 80's they can be hard to find and rather dated.

  6. Hmmm....
    Which google site did you use? and both translate the title correct as "Kalix. Curse of the Werewolves"

  7. Sammi9:34 pm

    That cover is lovely. Thumbs up to the Germans!

  8. Glad you like it Sammi. Yes, these Germans are doing good editions of my books.

  9. I'm pleased people like the cover. I like it too. The book isn't out anywhere yet, it will be published in English in August, then soon after in translation.

  10. August? Me want new book NOW!

    Grr Argh!

  11. Me, too.
    I am READY for the new book. "Lonely Werewolf Girl" is one of the most wonderful books I've ever read.
    The story just keeps getting richer and more emotionally complex with each page.
    I loved the book so much I gave a copy to my yoga teacher. She adored it. What else?
    Then, the proprietor of the comic book shop that's below our flat, stood and talked about how wonderful the book is, how amazing Kalix is, and how the title is so cool it's what caught his attention in the first place...
    He added "Dolltopia" to the shop's inventory simply because Martin Millar recommended it.
    The book shop that's next to the comics shop recognizes a distinct audience for everything Millar, so with the publication of each book, there's a stack of them piled high on the Important New Books table.
    We do love Martin Millar in Santa Cruz.

  12. Rahja2:33 pm

    I didn't liked the German Cover of part 2... I think the first was much better. Iwant to ask, can somebody make me a List of all the Charaktere?