Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Handsome Young Millar

I don't have many pictures of myself when I was younger. No one in my family took photos, and later, when I left home, I didn't own a camera either.

I regret this. I wish I had a picture of me as a long-haired schoolboy in Glasgow, on my way to see Led Zeppelin. And I'd like a picture of myself with red spiky hair, walking along King's Road in London in 1977, but I don't have that either.

I did just find this picture from a year or two later. I think I'm 22 or 23 in it, though I maybe look a bit younger. And quite a nice-looking young chap, though I say it myself.

For some reason, the main thing I think, looking at this picture, is how extremely shy I was. I spent long periods on my own, probably wondering how people got girlfriends. I don't really remember that period of my life as being much fun, really.

But life did become a lot better later. By the time I was older, wrinkled, broken by life's strain and so on, I was at least much more confident. And confidence is the main thing really, so I have learned.


  1. You were rather sweet looking! Do you still have red hair?

  2. Man, you look fully edible there!
    I'm wondering if most of us need to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune before we feel as confident as we need to be. I'd much rather just go to the corner store and pick up a quart of confidence (guaranteed to work or your money back!) when necessary.

  3. My hair was never red Marjorie, I think the tone here is just the result of old photograph / imperfect scanning. It was sort of light brown, and got darker.

    Donna, I wish I could just have picked up some confidence easily too. Maybe you're right, perhaps it comes as a result of getting through the slings and arrows.

  4. Anita4:59 am

    You know what? I look at my neice and nephew and every moment of their lives is documented. There are so many photographs at their house and they cover every surface. But only having a few pictures makes them special - more meaningful...and more fun to find in a box in a cupboard on a rainy afternoon and have a laugh about.

  5. Anonymous12:52 am

    I have red hair was extremely introverted as well. The punishments we inflict on ourselves ... to an extent. I can play music and fight in front of people without a care. But i feel the difference is that at those times, the world is witness to my medium, I am not at the mercy of its medium. So the introversion goes away a little.
    I heard Glasgow is a violent city, is that true or just Americans talking about crap they don't really know about?

  6. Awww, cute! Being shy is pretty common among the young, i seem to remember - it's only when you're "too old" to enjoy it that your inhibitions stop mattering.

  7. Mynahbird10:28 pm

    Crikey, Martin - did I know you then? Tai chi with wonderful Tew (never knew how his name was spelt)? I remember earnest but halting conversations about your writing - I didn't quite believe you were a 'real' writer until I saw the book (Milk...) in a bookshop window some time later. Ah...missed opportunities!