Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some Gloom

I was quite surprised at the strength of my reaction to the General Election. Though the young Millar was, of course, an enthusiastic radical, ready to demonstrate with a placard at a moment's notice, and maybe even storm a barricade - OK I never stormed a barricade - you do get more apathetic as the years go by.

It becomes increasingly appealing to just to lie on the couch, warm and comfy, watching TV or just staring into space, rather than actually worry about politics. I do a lot of staring into space these days. And TV watching. (I did manage to rouse myself to go out and vote.)

But despite my greatly diminished appetite for politics, current affairs, and anything which actually requires thinking, I was moved to outrage when the Liberal Democrats agreed a pact, giving us a Conservative government. It's such a grim prospect. Surely no one who lived through the long years of Margaret Thatcher could ever welcome these people into power again? Urghhhh. I despair.


  1. Additionally I can't believe the amount of so called 'grass roots' support this seems to be getting from both sides of this coalition. Unfortunately I think David Cameron stitched it up for Nick Clegg when in his opening speech calling for talks he said that it had to be for the good of the country. Immediately making NC the bad guy if he didn't join them.

  2. Anonymous7:36 pm

    Younger politicians appear to be all the rage no matter what their actual politics. First Obama now Cameron. People seem to equate youth with change and hope. You're just lucky Robert Pattinson or one of the other Twilight kids didn't stand for election. rmo

  3. What I found interesting was how the 'Clegg Factor' didn't actually amount to anything in terms of more seats. In fact the Lib Dems actually lost seats. And yet they ended up in government with Cameron and co.

    Our political system rocks! (sarcasm)

  4. Anita4:51 am

    I think modern politics is almost designed to make you apathetic. They are so boring and such blatant liars. Charisma-free and shortsighted about the future as well. We are all so over it that it's hard to get motivated anymore. And that's the awful sneakiness of it - they can get away with more horrid social policies that way.I wouldn't trust a single one of them as far as I could throw them.

  5. After eight long years of Bush, five long years of Arnold the Austrian Oak, I try not to think about politics.
    But the politicians just won't go away.
    The race war that is building in California...a May Day dance party infiltrated by hooligans who tore downtown to pieces and left behind some of the dumbest graffiti, ruined an artists' collective and a boho boutique...
    I don't know. It's one long unending fight.
    I'll still vote.


  6. It was that magic word - Change. They all believed it! Those of us who were campaigning for better things in the 80s & being treated as terrorists by Thatcher & her mates were in the minority, unfortunately, everyone else was too busy buying shares, their council houses etc & feeling rich...