Friday, January 15, 2010

More Progress

I finally bought a phone with a camera. I may be the last person in the country to have one. When the phone arrived I charged it up and sat down to read the instruction book. After one page of this hefty work, I became bored and depressed. The instructions were simply too tedious to read. So I abandoned it, and will just work the phone as best as I can without reading any instructions.

I have already taken my first picture! As you can see, I have swiftly mastered the art of digital photography. Possibly a new career is opening up.

Getting back to the subject of great 70s music - weren't we talking about that - no? - I was sure someone mentioned it - here are Roxy Music performing their first single, Virginia Plain, on top of the Pops in 1972. I saw Roxy Music play in Glasgow, at the start of their career, when Eno was still in the band. That was brilliant. Although I would have been too young at the time to appear in the audience with full glam-rock outfit and make-up. But that probably wouldn't have been a good idea in Glasgow at the time anyway.


  1. Anonymous6:40 pm

    Love is the drug I'm thinkin of.

  2. Anonymous12:26 pm

    Is that misteltoe on the wall, on the left? Did it get good results?

    I was at Roxy with you!! Remember the bagpipes at the beginning? Buon weekend, Martin!


  3. Hi Gail! No, that's not mistletoe. I remember the gig quite well, particularly Eno, but I'm struggling to remember the bagpipes. Can you refresh my memory any more?

  4. Anonymous7:22 pm

    Eno had those big feathery shoulder pads. But right at the very beginning, before the whole band came on, a couple of guys (one from our school, I think) played the bagpipes, and Bryan Feryy came out and put his arm round their shoulders. I was sooooo jealous!

    How's tne photography coming along? Are you at Helmut Newton level yet?


  5. Love Eno, man. Totally. Though what's coming to mind at the moment is him scorching out Baby's On Fire.

    Thank you for twigging the aural memory.

  6. Baby's on Fire. That was a great song!

  7. Gail, I have to admit that the bagpipers have vanished from my memory. But I remember Eno's feathered shoulders really well.

  8. The instructions are too tedious to read because everyone under 40 ignores them and presses buttons until they figure a gadget out. The manufacturers include instructions for the, ahem, older purchaser who is usually a bit more sedately paced and will take their time on the instructions.

    Glad to see you instinctively ignored the instructions. Not only does that side you with the happening kids on the street, it's a punk gesture of defying the rules.

  9. A punk gesture of defying the rules? I'll go along with that.

  10. Anonymous5:17 am

    Hey Martin- I was there too! Was madly in love with Bryan Ferry...I went to Bishopbriggs High in 73, then got dragged off to snobby Lenzie Academy. Did you have crazy Mr. Pringle for French?
    I live near Seattle, WA. now. The weather is about the same as at home! Love your books, especially Love &Peace with Melody Paradise. I'd love to hear more about the demented hippies. Too bad about Thraxas , tho'.


  11. Anonymous9:30 pm

    Martin, if you like this, I thought you might like the Killers 'all these things that i've done' I know you've been struggling to find some modern music that you like (well, this is 2005, lol)-so maybe you could give that a listen.
    Love your stories, thanks for them, Laura x