Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Andi Sex Gang

Here's the trailer for Bastard Art, a documentary about my good friend Andi Sex Gang, which is due out this year, directed by Vince Corkadel.

I was pleased to see the trailer, though slightly alarmed to see myself featuring in it. (In fact I have the last word in the trailer) I can't remember what I said about Andi. Some nonsense, possibly. But the rest of the documentary will be good.

I once did a brief reading at a CD launch for Andi, and from the stage I told an anecdote about him. This anecdote, I may say, brought the house down. Sadly, I can't repeat it here, unless I made this one of these blogs with an adults only warning in front of it.

I first met Andi in 1977. We were both squatting near Clapham Junction. Soon afterwards we both moved to Brixton, and have hung around South London ever since. I'm looking forward to seeing Vince's film, though I'm not certain when it will be released.


  1. Anonymous12:36 pm

    You're in the movies!!!! You look great!!


  2. Barry1:15 pm

    Cor really looking forward to this, Love Andi Sex Gang this is one of my all time favourites:


  3. barry1:19 pm

    And you just reminded me, I ordered the best of Andi Sex Gang on Amazon on the 6th and it is sitting at my Bro's house in wonderful South London waiting for me (I'm stuck in France at the moment). How's that for sychronicity?

  4. I'm sorry, I really can't understand what the bloody fuck it is you're saying in that video.
    I am ashamed, and apparently more American than I imagined. Now I'm going to spend the rest of my evening watching that over and over again trying to decipher what it is that you're saying...
    That being said, looks lovely. I've never really listened to the Sex Gang Children but now I think I'll attempt to locate a CD of theirs the next time I find myself in a music store...

  5. The camera loves you Martin....the Microphone , not so much