Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lonely Werewolf Girl in Australia and New Zealand

Piatkus's new edition of Lonely Werewolf Girl has now been issued in Australia and New Zealand, by Hachette. This edition will be published in Britain in March. (ISBN 9780749942830)

In the past, I've sometimes had problems with book distribution in Australia, so I'm pleased this book is now there.

The sequel, due out later this year, will be called Curse of the Wolf Girl. (Kalix is on her way to college, to try and improve her reading skills.)


  1. A sequel. Thank you, thank you and more of that thank you stuff!

  2. Excellent! I can't wait for the sequel as I adored Lonely Werewolf Girl and the whole universe you created for the story. I hope we'll see many of the same characters again especially Malveria and Vex. I hope you realise we are all just gonna keep demanding more and more of Kalix and co. :D

  3. Funnily enough I picked this book up at Target (of all places) about 2 weeks ago. I was pretty surprised to see it there but nearly all the copies had gone so at least it's reaching a bigger audience.

  4. (Kalix is on her way to college, to try and improve her reading skills.)
    Sounds like a plan I could do with. Searching for books leaves me annoyed with the fact that whilst I should call myself fluent at English, I'm not all that good reading it for relaxation (and who'd want to read a book accompanied by reading a dictionary?!).
    Oh bugger.

  5. Good news.
    I hope that the original edition ( with it's fine cover artwork ) will become a collectors item.

  6. Karin5:09 pm

    I'm really excited to read the new book :)
    I hope it will be released very soon here.

  7. Looking forward to the sequel. Lonely Werewolf Girl was the first book of yours I've read. I loved the humour and characters (kinda had a Buffyness to it) Anyway, Good Fairies of New York has just arrived in the mail, and I'm going to have to ditch my current book to devour it.

  8. Anonymous8:02 pm

    Pity, I rather liked "Queen Vex" as a title. Gave me an "Oh, dear GOD!" reaction followed by hysterical laughter.

    But I guess it's not catchy enough to bring in new readers.

  9. Anonymous11:26 am

    I dont read, i get bored.
    This is the first book i have read since school, and I couldnt put it down. Cant wait for the next.

    I found my copy in Big W for $11

  10. Anonymous12:49 pm

    So glad this book came out in Australia. I just finished it and I am in love with it. Kalix kicks ass! Cannot wait for the sequel.

  11. Anonymous1:27 am

    I bought Lonely Werewolf Girl yesterday, and i'm just glad it isn't one of those books where I read it in a few hours and its done. Loving everything about it so far. I saw the book in the recommended section, so i bought it :)

  12. Anonymous3:56 pm

    saw it, bought it because it didn't have the word edward and glittery bits on the cover.
    Loved it!! a great fun read, which led me to trying to find if you had a sequel coming.
    Yay again!! but insert sad face due to the fact
    that its not here in Australia yet.
    Keep the twisted humor of the characters in
    just love reading novels that are a bit twisty!
    Thanks!! Lisa

  13. Anonymous12:14 am

    Lupine neurotic characters are so much fun! I read this all in one sit till past midnite. Can't get enough of Kalix's ability to somehow attract and connect with caring individuals who keep trying to stabilize her life. Ending looks like another books is on it's way. I'm waiting!
    Cheers! Carol