Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Sunday Telegraph

Today there's an interview with me in the Sunday Telegraph Magazine about Lonely Werewolf Girl. Good, that should help to sell a few books. Although I expect I'll look around 90 years old in the photos. Soon it may be time to take that trip to LA for extensive cosmetic surgery.

Buffy season 8 issue 4 arrived, completing the first story arc, which was very enjoyable. But they're having a month off before publishing the next issue! Lazy swines. Don't they know they have a responsibility to produce regular new Buffy product for people like me? It's an outrage.

As you can see from the cover, Dawn is still a giant.


  1. Here's your interview online:

    "A Howling Success"

    You look good there. "Impish face"? Hmm.. I like impish faces.

    But is it ever possible for you to do an interview in which you do not mention Buffy, do you think?!

    Great piece! Hope it gets you some more sales.

  2. Thanks for finding the link, I'll put that in the blog.

    An interview without mentioning Buffy? Hmm... no, I just can't see it.