Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tomb Raider Struggle / Book Signing

I've been engaged in a life and death struggle with the new Tomb Raider Game. Some parts of it are so hard. The ascent of the great pyramid in Atlantis is particularly difficult. The jumps are awkward, but the main problem is there's so little time to do them. Lara Croft has to attach her grapple to a series of metal rings to swing over the gaps, and the rings retract after only a few seconds, sending Lara plummeting to a grim death below.

So stuck did I become on this that I was forced to seek internet assistance. I actually found a video on of someone doing the jump I was stuck on, using a slightly different technique to the one I was using.

After four days - yes four days - of trying, I finally succeeded, and am heading rapidly towards the final conflict. Ha. It's terrific game-playing for a man of my age.

My reading/signing in Crystal Palace is on Friday the 29th. Come along. Buy books. Or, if you have some feeble excuse for not coming along, like for instance you live in a different country, you can buy Lonely Werewolf Girl over the internet from my website. My internet book sales are going quite well, better than I've ever managed before.


  1. Sammi7:27 pm

    Yes, a man of your age storming through the game faster than a girl of my age is incredible, really! Playing that YouTube video would take me 4 days (on dial-up!) so when I get to that bit I will obviously have to kidnap you and hold you at gunpoint until you have completed it for me. Only fair. But I'm only on Tomb of Tihocan at the moment so you're safe for a while. Have they got rid of the Cistern level for this game? It seems to be merged with Tihocan?

  2. I'm finished the game now. Hooray! But I was able to spend about sixteen hours a day playing it, so I had an advantage.