Monday, June 18, 2007

Pictures From My Launch / Crumble Anxiety

I'm undergoing some extensive dentistry at the moment. Sigh. I'm still paying the price for the dreadful Scottish dentistry when I was at school. Adding to my woes, the dental visit necessitated calling in a strange supermarket on the way home - Somerfield, possibly, though I wouldn't swear to it - and buying an unfamiliar rhubarb crumble. It looked like a reasonable pie, but on arriving home I was distressed to find that the ingredients included a potentially lethal E-number chemical additive.

Careful internet investigation revealed the substance to be a naturally occurring substance, for flavouring, so they claim. Hmmm. Probably manufactured in some dubious eastern European factory. I chanced it anyway. As a rhubarb crumble it wasn't bad, but I remain dubious about potential harmful additives. The full lethal effects may not show for a few days yet.

Really, there should be more pure, additive-free food, for people like me who don't like eating strange chemicals, but who are also too lazy and incompetent to cook for themselves.

Here are a few pictures from my book launch last week, taken by my friend Trish -

Reading at the launch

Side view of Angus, Crissi and Peter, in audience

With book and notebook,wondering what to read next

Close-up of aging features

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