Thursday, June 07, 2007

World's Last T-Rex

Lonely Werewolf Girl should be in bookshops now. I'm very pleased with the way the book looks. I've been sending out internet orders myself, so I can sign them. This has gone OK, except I couldn't get my computer to print labels properly and consequently had to address all the envelopes by hand. But apart from this it went smoothly enough. I've now sent out all orders received up till yesterday

Here's a piece about the book in the UK SF Book News.

I was exhausted after addressing envelopes. I planned to lie on the couch watching TV to recover, maybe for several days. However the Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition arrived in the post so I had to get down to playing it right away. The past few days have seen some fine gameplay on my part, as Lara Croft fights her way through Peru, wiping out the world's last remaining T-Rex in the process. There's no denying it, Lara Croft does have a genocidal approach to wildlife. But if these gorillas and tigers keep attacking her, you cant really blame her for mowing them down.

And talking of T Rex. They will play a prominent part in the soundtrack for my book-launch at the Boogaloo in Archway Road, next Tuesday, along with many more of my 70s favourites. I'm looking forward to it, but may regret having to tear myself away from Tomb Raider.

Lara and her undefeatable chest


  1. Sammi7:37 pm

    LWG is a great book. I'm loving it. TRA is a great game. I'm loving that too. Have only just managed to kill that T-Rex tonight. Found the adrenalin dodge and head shot difficult to master. The velocoraptors are a pain too.

    Looking forward to your book launch!

    (And yes, Lara does have an incredible chest!)

  2. Lara certainly has breasts that could open doors for her. Anyway enough cyber chauvanism. Looking forward to the book arriving on my mat from Amazon, it must surely be better than the awful book I'm trawling through at the moment. No names no pack drill but it's a book that once I put it down I just can't pick it up again. Keep up the good work Mr Millar.

  3. That T-Rex was tough. I can hardly do the adrenalin dodge so far. I'm making progress, but already came to a place I got completely stuck, and had to seek internet help...