Thursday, July 19, 2007

Good Fairies

My agent is negotiating another film option for The Good Fairies of New York. This will be the third time the book's been optioned. Neither of the previous two options came to anything. In fact, the last producer reneged on a payment, plunging me into financial crisis.

But who knows? Perhaps the thistle fairies Heather and Morag will make it onto the screen this time, thus enabling me to move to Hollywood and lounge around a swimming pool, surrounded by glamorous young starlets. I remain optimistic.


  1. Anonymous2:23 pm

    Just finished reading your new novel. It was unputdownable. I love the way you describe utterly beautiful people, who are not conventional. Hope for the individuals of the planet. If I had any money I would film the story or better turn it into a fantastic series.

    Your descriptions of panic attacks were so moving and brought tears to my eyes on several occassions.

    One wee grumble (and it is a wee one really). If you get it re-printed please get someone to proof read it, there are lots of irritating spelling mistakes and at one point a main character changes his name.

    This is a constructive critisism because it is one of the best novels I've read in years. You have solved all birthday present/Christmas gift issues for me.

    I really do hope you continue to write you have real talent

  2. "Your descriptions of panic attacks were so moving and brought tears to my eyes on several occassions."

    Yes. I know someone who has bipolar disorder and suffers from anxiety. Talix's panic and depression when human and her overpowering energy when a werewolf reflect that experience perfectly.

  3. Good luck with the Good Fairies film this time round! There will be a gap in the market once the last Harry Potter film has been released. Though maybe whiskey guzzling fairies and TV tuned mainly into a porn channel won't draw quite the same audience. But possibly! :o) x

  4. Anonymous8:00 pm

    dear martin
    i'm almost at the end of lonely werewolf girl - i'm reading it as slowly as i can to make it last .
    its a fantastic book ,i really love it -kalix is just brilliant (she's almost replaced elfish as my favourite)as are all the characters .i'm gong to console myself by re reading all your other books . Good fairies,would make a brilliant film -good luck with it.
    keep writing - (even from your poolside in hollywood!)the world needs more martin millar .xx

  5. Good Fairies as a film would be grand. I have visions of Seachd on LSD. Quite literally, I really do have visions of Seachd on LSD.