Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Doodling on Books

I've recently learned there's a market for doodled books. By which I mean first editions, drawn on by the author. I'd never heard of this before till the website www.doodledbooks.co.uk asked me to provide them with some doodled copies of Lonely Werewolf Girl.

They sell them on at a profit to their specialist collectors, and I'm fine with them making a profit because the process nets me a hefty book sale and some useful exposure.

Not that I'm expecting any of my blog readers to buy these books. I know you're all poor, wretched, and hard-pressed to pay the electricity bill. In fact only yesterday you were searching down the back of the sofa for a few pennies to buy cheap wine from the supermarket.

However, there do exist people with money to buy a few of the finer things in life - like for instance a book doodled on by me - and they're selling well.

Here are my doodles, taken from the pictures at their website. As you can see, my artistic talents are not overwhelming.


  1. Neat. I like the Yum Yum one.

  2. The castle's very good. And I love those boots! But the kilt is still my favourite. Glad they're selling well!

  3. I am enjoying your story.

    I wonder if you know of the MacKinnon werewolf clan (to which I belong). Only the older generation retain any memory of wolvishness. They mostly run B & B's on Skye - being renowned for their excellent black pudding, Haggis and Lorn sausage.

    Also, do the MacRinnalchs have a clan motto?

  4. There's something about the "Werewolf Rock" doodle that I find hysterically cheering.

    In fact, I usually am reaching down the sofa for change (it helps to have a futon, because you can unfold the matress and the matress gaps open right up for you), but occasionally we blog readers get a good temp gig which affords us the opportunity to...er, afford... a new book. I'm currently waiting for Lonely Werewolf Girl to arrive from Amazon.ca since I can't get it in the US.

    I'm a little depressed to see I could've bought it straight from you instead, although god knows what kind of exchange-rate/postage issues would've been involved in shipping it across the Atlantic.

    Stupid ocean. Gets in the way of everything. But I can't wait to read the new book. Glad your neck is feeling better. Cheers.