Saturday, August 11, 2007

Siouxsie Sioux

I was listening to the radio last night - in a sort of semi-attempt to hear some new music - so as I can pretend that I don't spend all my time listening ancient 70's rock - and I heard a song I liked, but as it turned out it wasn't by a new artist at all, it was a new single by Siouxsie Sioux. Possibly called Into a Swan.

Which set me wondering about when I first saw Siouxsie. I remember seeing her in the Vortex, which was a post-Roxy-type place in London, at the end of 1977, maybe 1978. It was a small club. I probably wouldn't have guessed that night that she was heading for a 30 year career.

And I think I may have seen the Banshees play in a pub before that, in 1977, but I can't quite remember for sure. The Nashville, maybe? I definitely saw them again in 1978 at the Rainbow in Finsbury Park. They were playing with The Adverts, Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers, and The Models. Hmm. That seems like a lot of bands. Maybe I'm conflating two separate gigs.

These were all good gigs. Unfortunately, remembering them now makes me feel around 90 years old.

Struggling back to the modern world, there's an interview with me in the entertainingly titled Nude Magazine. No, I didn't pose naked. It's not that sort of magazine. I just gave an interview about Lonely Werewolf Girl. But if I had posed nude, it would have been OK. Yes it would, don't argue. Hey, for a man who saw Siouxsie and The Banshees in 1977, I'm in good shape. OK, reasonable shape. As long as I don't have to move around too quickly, I'm fine.

I see that Nude Magazine includes an article on Fantagraphics. They published Love and Rockets. I loved that comic. I wonder where mine are? I must hunt them out.

And now, I have a new Buffy comic to attend to.


  1. Anonymous4:01 am

    thought you'd like to see this interview with joss whedon
    and nude pictures? rowr! germaine

  2. I like the cover of that magazine. Will have to buy a copy.

    Your shape is very good. :o)

    (Look what I just found. You like The White Stripes?????

  3. Ah but for strange 70's music still kicking around I have seen Jethro Tull and Van Der Graff Generator in the last couple of years, bands my dad saw live probably before i was born.

  4. Thanks for the Joss Whedon link Germaine, that's an interesting interview.

    Sammi, don't read my old interviews! I will undoubtedly have been talking nonsense. Like pretending to like the White Stripes so I don't look so old-fashioned.

    Hageltoast - Van Der Graaf Generator? That's a name I haven't heard for a while.