Saturday, August 18, 2007

Mass Market Fairies

Life has been quiet, as I go about my normal practice of spending the day comatose on the couch, with occasional shuffling through to the kitchen to make tea, or over to the computer to check my email. Other than that, no activity at all. I have been commissioned to write a story, but as it hasn't gone very well I've just abandoned it, and will now hope it somehow miraculously finishes itself.

* Surely this man is doomed to end his days sleeping in a cardboard box in the supermarket car park *

Yes, you may be right. I've always assumed that's what going to happen. However, against my expectations, the American edition of The Good Fairies of New York has sold really well. It's now sold more copies in the USA than any of my books have in Britain. Because of this, Tor - world's largest science fiction publisher - are going to issue it next year as a mass-market paperback, thus making it more widely available and, presumably, selling more copies.

So perhaps I will not end my days in the supermarket car park after all, holding out a McDonald's slurpee cup for pennies, but will instead earn enough money to remain warm and cosy on the couch, watching my collection of Buffy videos and occasionally shaking my fist at the football on TV.

Lonely Werewolf Girl will also come out in the USA next year. It strikes me that it's worth reminding you that if Lonely Werewolf Girl eventually sweeps the world, you'll regret even more that you didn't buy a copy right now from my website, because if you do you're getting a signed first edition. This will be worth a vast amount of money in the future, with book collectors wringing their hands in despair, crying out "Oh, if only I could find a signed first edition of that book, I'd pay anything for it." And then you'll have a highly valuable item, probably valuable enough for you to retire to that luxury villa in France you've always wanted. So don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. Sammi6:05 pm

    That's great. And maybe this mass-market paperback will finally encourage someone to make Good Fairies into a film.

  2. Fingers crossed your popularity sky rockets and your books are all reprinted very soon!!! :)
    Why is everthing Joss Whedon Does so addictive?
    Also, I request more werewolves! I like the fairies but Kalix and co are jut fantastic!

  3. Anonymous12:09 pm

    loved both good fairies and lonely werewolf girl. especially lonely werewolf my family somewhat resembles Kalix's in dysfuntionality (if that'possible) and feuding. and...i am fortunate to have both the good fairies and lonely werewolf girl signed by you. yay! germaine