Sunday, April 22, 2007

Overwhelmed. Retreat to couch.

Well, that was an interesting experience. When Myspace made my last blog their selected book blog, I was completely overwhelmed with readers, responses, and email. Most of it was very friendly, and I appreciated it all. Unfortunately, I was unable to keep up with answering all this email. So I did what I generally do in times of crisis, which is to despair, retire to the couch, play my Buffy the Vampire Slayer video game, then stare into space until everything goes quiet again.

So I'm sorry if I haven't replied to you yet, I will still try to answer everyone's messages.

I also got a lot of new subscribers to my blog. I fear they may be in for some disappointment as it sinks back into its normal content of obsessive thoughts on rhubarb crumble, complaints about Arsenal's poor performances, and sad tales of how I still miss Buffy.

When I recovered from the huge mass of correspondence and ventured into the world again, I decided it would be a good idea to add all the most fabulously beautiful gothic/fetish models on Myspace as friends on my new Lonely Werewolf Girl page. I mean, gothic/fetish models are bound to like werewolves. Not that I believe in stereotyping people or anything.

It does mean encountering quite a lot of 'This page is set to private,' and even 'Go away, don't add me.' Ha. These people don't know who they're dealing with here. It takes more than a hostile Myspace page to keep me away.


  1. Anonymous7:20 pm

    Hmm...I can't really understand why a gothic/fetish model would have a hostile myspace page. They obviously put very pretty or sexy pictures up and so lose the right to complain about any Martin Millar-style perv interest I think! It's like a girl with a low-cut top complaining about men looking at her breasts.

    (I have a blogger blog now. ;o))

  2. Hi Sammi! So, you have arrived on blogger. Very good.