Saturday, April 28, 2007

Buffy Comic Crisis

Something of a panic in the Millar household this week, as I realised I'd missed the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics. I did know that Joss Wheddon's new series was on its way, but I thought that meant some indeterminate time in the future. Not right now. Not until someone reminded me about it in my blog, did it occur to me that they'd actually been published.

Well, this was a problem. With my agoraphobia, I'm not in range of any comic shops. I phoned up Forbidden Planet and was horrified to learn that issues one and two had sold out, and they weren't expecting any more in!

This led to a burst of frantic activity not seen within these walls for several years. Though I'm quite capable of staring into space for days at a time, I was galvanised into taking some firm action. Within minutes I was on eBay. And, even though I don't find eBay that easy to use, I located issues one and two and bought them immediately. Then I called the comic shop and placed a subscription so I'll get the rest of the comics delivered.

I regarded all this as strong, forceful, and decisive behaviour. When a Buffy crisis appeared, I rose to the challenge, and solved it instantly. If the United Nations needed a commissioner to look after World Buffy affairs, I'm sure I could qualify for the post.

Issues one and two arrived through my letterbox yesterday. All is right with the world again.

The launch for my new book
Lonely Werewolf Girl will be at the Boogaloo Club in Archway Road on the 12th June. More on this later. (Will it be a problem for me, getting to the Archway Road? Yes, a big problem.)

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  1. Anonymous12:51 pm

    Ugh, I would not use Forbidden Planet in any case. Their customer service is disgusting. At the beginning of November last year I ordered something from them, to be told a month later it was actually out of stock but they had just got a new batch in so it would be with me in a few days. It wasn't, so again I queried, this time to be told it would be another week. In January I queried again, having missed Christmas which was the purpose of my order. They then confirmed that the order had actually not been processed at all. I eventually got the item late January when I was all set and prepared to march in there with a frying pan and knock a bit of sense into their untrained staff. Really appalling.

    But, calming down, nice cover for that Buffy comic. And looking forward to the launch. :o)