Saturday, April 07, 2007

Distributing the Werewolves

Lonely Werewolf Girl will be distributed by Turnaround. This is the front cover of their buyer’s notes for June. Turnaround’s reps take this to bookshops when they’re trying to get the shops to stock the book. I’m pleased to be on the front cover. Turnaround have made it one of their lead titles, so I’m wishing their reps good luck in flooding bookshops with the title.

It’s not easy getting your books well displayed in stores. So I’m relying on the good work of the Turnaround reps, and the excellence of Simon Fraser’s cover, and some good fortune for getting the book well-distributed. If you’d like to go into bookshops and ask for the book - possibly banging your fist on the counter - that’s always a help too.

Other books on the front cover of the Turnaround catalogue - a Fantastic Four collection, which I like the look of. And The Black Death, also potentially interesting; there’s nothing like a good plague. And also A Year on the Bog. I don’t know anything about this.

I put some short extracts of Lonely Werewolf Girl on my website; You can read them there, or download them as a PDF here.


  1. I enjoyed the Fantastic Four film, though it seemed to get bad reviews from everyone else.

    LWG looks very proud of itself on the front cover of Turnaround. Really hope it does well! Sure it will.

  2. I liked the film too.