Thursday, April 12, 2007

Carter USM / Kurt Vonnegut

I’m off to see Carter USM playing their re-union gig in Brixton in November. (Unless I am too agoraphobic to make it, always a possibility.) I saw Carter quite a lot in years gone by, though it’s ten years since they played together. So I’m looking forward to seeing Les and Jim onstage again.

I haven’t been to the Brixton Academy for years. In fact, it’s quite a long time since I’ve been to a gig anywhere.

I’m sad to hear of the death of Kurt Vonnegut. He was a great writer and I really owed him a lot in terms of inspiration. I particularly loved Breakfast of Champions. I read that before I had anything published, and after reading it, I thought about writing in rather a different way than I had before. Slaughterhouse Five is another brilliant novel.

Currently reading : Somerset Maugham - Collected Short Stories Volume Four. Another of my favourite authors. Satisfyingly unfashionable.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch - Santa’s little Helper. Dammit I miss Sabrina the Teenage Witch on TV.


  1. I'm missing Kurt Vonnegut too, and hoping he is enjoying heaven...

    But taking the literary tone down a little - who would win in a fight? Sabrina or Buffy?

  2. That'a a good question. You'd have to give Sabrina a chance, because she was quite a powerful witch, and could make a lot of things happen. But she wasn't the sort of person who enjoyed fighting. Buffy, of course, was a savage fighter, I think she'd do whatever was neccessary to win.

  3. Sammi9:13 am

    Sabrina would win. She has Salam who could distract Buffy while Sabrina thinks up a suitable spell.

    Against Lara none of them would stand a chance. She could take them both on at once. Hmm...think I'd pay to see that.

  4. But let us not forget, Buffy has Willow. Surely Willow is worth two of Salem? I wonder what odds Mox would give?