Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Writing about Sex

I just wrote a story for Skin Two, the world's best known fetish/BDSM magazine. The story will be printed in the next issue, number 57, to be published in January.

Skin Two has a lot of glamorous fetish photography, but I also noticed, while perusing the last issue, that it doesn't shy away from the hard-core sex element of fetish. So I didn't want my story to shy away from that either, though I also wanted it to remain light and amusing. I think it worked quite well. Anyway, you can read it in January if you want.

So I expect a lot of people who look like this will soon be beating a path to my door, which is fine with me.

At the weekend I had a nice time at a book launch for Coven of One by Kate Bousfield. The event was organised by Debi Alper.

There's been a small gap in the availability of the import of The Good Fairies of New York in Britain, as the book sold out in the USA. However, it's being reprinted, and should be available again any time now. (Official release date in Britain is March. Hmm. That seems like a long time away.)

What else have I been doing? Well, watching football. Arsenal beat Spurs and then had a good draw with Chelsea, so I'm no longer feeling so depressed about football. But we have a tough match away to Wigan on Wednesday.

And watching TV. I watched Woody Allen's Manhattan, which I haven't seen for a while. I'd forgotten what a great film it is. I'm a fan of Woody Allen. Hannah and Her Sisters is another favourite, and Deconstructing Harry.

And I managed the scary process of buying a new battery - from China - for my iBook, and installing it without destroying my laptop. A small triumph, as I am very incompetent at all technical matters. I love my iBook, but it's becoming out of date now. I'd like a new Macbook, but can't afford it.


  1. Slightly nippy for some of their fetish wear, but come the spring...

    Nice to meet you Martin, and thanks for helping to get 'Coven of One' off the ground.
    Finished 'Fairies' and am now on the hunt for more.

  2. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Climbed the hill of the fairies many times (in inverness).Iwonder if the good fairies will ever find out who killed nancy spungen!looking forward to the new werewolf book!