Sunday, April 11, 2010


Last week I did an telephone interview with a Scottish newspaper, the Daily Record, which went well.

I used to deliver newspapers, including the Daily Record, in the morning, when I was at school in Scotland. That was OK, as far as I remember. I didn't mind delivering papers. Possibly there were a few harsh words bandied about when I encountered the milk boys - uncivilised louts, mostly - but nothing too serious.

It does feel like a very long time ago, however. Thinking about my paper round left me feeling old. Gloomy about this, I decided to cheer myself up by immediately buying a T-Rex t-shirt from eBay. And I felt very pleased with this garment, before reflecting that really, you'd have to be quite old to actually buy a T-Rex t-shirt. Hmm. Still, I like my new t-shirt. I put it on then watched some videos of T-Rex on youtube. I have always been a big fan of the band, and Marc Bolan surely remains unsurpassed as the prettiest male pop star in history.


  1. Barry6:13 am

    Oooh I don't know, what about Syd Barrett?

  2. Young Syd Barrett was very good looking, that's true. Though I don't really think of him as a pop star like Marc Bolan.

  3. Anonymous6:29 pm

    Younf David Bowie was just is old Bowie though :)

  4. On an unrelated note, did you see John Scalzi gave your book a shoutout on his blog today? :-)

  5. Buying a T.Rex shirt is a perfectly acceptable and age-ambiguous activity. I do agree with you on the prettiest comment as well. Before I ever saw a picture of Marc Bolan someone said that I looked like him. I at first took this as an insult, being told I looked like a man. Then I saw some pictures and realized this was not a bad thing at all, and am not insulted when strangers and Bolan fans want to be my "friend" on Facebook because they also think I look like him. The guy had great fashion sense as well.

  6. Bailey, if you look like Marc Bolan, that's great! There was a whole generation of British girls would have loved to look like him.