Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Extreme Piggy-Back Terror

My new wi-fi has certainly changed my life. Because of it I've developed two new damaging obsessions. I'm obsessed with how fast it is, and I'm obsessed about anyone piggy-backing on my connection. Previously I never had to worry about these things. Now I'm checking it all the time. So it's a big step forward.

The speeds seems to be OK. But, to my horror, while browsing through the rather complicated logs and settings in my router, it did seem to me that there were other people using my connection. Another computer, and also an iPhone.

I thought I'd set a password, but apparently this wasn't good enough. People had already invaded my network. I was briefly terrified, and felt unable to cope with this cyber terrorism. I had a vision of some Jack Nicholson-type character smashing through my door with an axe, crying 'You'll never stop us using your wi-fi connection!'

When I calmed down, and realised this probably wasn't going to happen, I was annoyed. I mean, these people can't be far away, can they? Is someone in my block using their damned iPhone on my connection?

* Shakes fist at fellow residents *

Considered knocking on everyone's door, demanding to know who the culprits were, possibly coming to blows with suspicious parties. Eventually decided against it.

Subsequently, with much furrowing of the brow, I learned how to make my connection more secure, a complicated process involving mac address filters, Wpa2 and suchlike. So this was all very stressful. But I think it's secure now. The other computer and the iPhone are no longer appearing on my connection, or in the log

Checking the internet, I notice that all these security measures can be broken by other people if they're determined enough. Sigh. So I will no doubt be checking the whole thing obsessively for the foreseeable future. Go wireless. It's a boon to OCD sufferers. Hours of new stuff to worry about.

In-between fighting off these cyber-terrorists I noticed the sink in the bathroom was looking quite dirty. Wondered about cleaning it. I'm not a great house-cleaner. Eventually decided to make an attempt. Sprayed it with cleaner and rubbed it with a cloth. This had little effect. Was frustrated. Why didn't it work? What's the point of selling stuff that claims to clean sinks if it doesn't do it when you need it? May have to scrub harder.


  1. Good job on the counter cyber terrorism! Lol. Hope you've had a good Christmas.You may want to try some type of sponge with a scrubby bit on that sink. My Internet is fast enough now that I can stream Buffy for free...something I am very pleased about as I've only recently started watching thanks to a friend getting me hooked. Good luck with the sink!


  2. It's definitely time to move on to the sponge-with-scrubby-bit. Though it seems like a lot of work.

    You've just got hooked on Buffy? Great!

  3. I've resisted the move to wifi as I just don't like the insecurity of it. Nothing wrong with a good old fashioned wire from the back of my PC in to the phone socket. I'll keep my wire for as long as I can.

    Oh, and always nice to see a new Buffy fan.

  4. Yup...I am just on season 2!

  5. Happy New Year!

    Also, well done on the counter-cyber-stealing! I am considering buying a longer piece of wire so that I can use the wire instead of wireless as it is faster (although my security is good enough / neighbours honest and/or cyber-illiterate enough that no-one seems to be piggybacking.

  6. PS - low energy method of cleaning sink = pour bleach on it. Bleaches the grime white and makes it look clean, no scubbing involved (may also dissolve your sink)

  7. Bleaching would probably be a good idea. I think I'll attempt this.

  8. Anonymous12:15 pm

    Mr Millar, you ARE Thraxas! I am absolutely certain once you put pen to paper your woes will dissapear, and your mind will be sharp as an elf's ear!

    Seriously though, i think you know you have to do it.
    Consider the universe in 50 or 100 years. Once the thraxas series has been concluded, STATUES will be erected in your honor! The universe will never forget the day martin scott was born!