Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ΚΑΛΙΞ - Werewolf in Greece

Lonely Werewolf Girl has now been published in Greece, by Kedros, as ΚΑΛΙΞ  Η  ΓΥΝΑΙΚΑ  ΛΥΚΑΝΘΡΩΠΟΣ. Which would translate as Kalix the Werewolf Woman. Or, Kalix, Female Werewolf, I suppose. So I'm pleased to have Kalix venturing into new territory.

London is pleasantly warm and sunny and I've been wandering around in shorts and a Led Zeppelin t-shirt, probably looking ridiculous. Last summer I got a slight tan on my legs, and was quite excited by this rare occurrence. I'm always quite pale.

I'm still enjoying Dollhouse, now up to episode six here. Last night there were new revelations in the plot, and Eliza Dushku had this great fight with the FBI agent. But, as I predicted, no one else I know is watching this programme here, it being rather hidden away on the SciFi channel.

I bought the fantasy stamps, as mentioned in my last blog. They're good stamps. (but what will I ever do with them?)


  1. Anonymous7:23 pm

    Hiya Martin,

    Why don't you take the stamps to a picture shop and get them to mount and frame them? Would look lush!

    Sarah x

  2. My cousin is buying the stamps for me and bringing them over when she visits. I predict they will sit in a corner of my room and collect dust. :)

    The Greek cover looks very nice. Kalix looks very flirty.

  3. Read a "Lux and Alby" comic book while I was at Lorraine's this week and enjoyed it immensely.

  4. I'm glad you liked the comic. I should do something to get that graphic novel back into print some time.

  5. Y'Know, If I'd known that (a) there was a comic book and (b) Lorraine had it, I would have asked to borrow it.

    As it is, I shall have to wait until it gets back into print (or I see Lorraine again, whichever happens first)

    BTW, I agree that you should get the stamps (plus Dave McKean Art, if you got the presentation pack) framed. That's what I am planning to do.