Thursday, June 04, 2009

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

Am shuffling round in kitchen, making pot of tea. Put on sport radio channel. Distressed to find them talking about 'Britain's Got Talent.' I don't want to hear about this, I want to hear about football. Change to Radio 5. But they are also talking about 'Britain's Got Talent.' There seems to be no escape. I have no interest in this topic. Why is it everywhere? What's wrong with these people? Argh. Even the most assiduous efforts to ignore it seem doomed to fail, you just can't click on a news website or turn on the radio but someone's talking about it. Argh... kill, smash. There, you've made me mention your damned programme. Are you happy now?

Now in bad mood with modern world, retreat to Cozy Powell in 1974. 'Na na na na (na na na na na) which contains the lyrics -

I know you get your kicks playing Hendrix licks
You're the wizard of Wembley Central
You're the J.S. Bach of Belsize Park
But me I'm just plain mental.

Who wrote this lyric? I mean, it's genius.

I've now seen three episodes of Dollhouse, and am still reasonably enthusiastic. I do like Eliza Dushku. Also, a new season of House just started here. It's a relief to find some TV programmes I want to watch, because I need excuses not to got on with writing, and I don't seem to have any new Playstation games at the moment. Maybe I should play through Tomb Raider Underworld again. I enjoyed that.

And now, I have my polling card, so I'm off to vote in the European Election.


  1. Anonymous12:12 pm

    Cozy Powell! "Dance with the Devil"! I bought a cheap "Best of the 70s" CD a couple of months ago and Cozy (who I'd completely forgotten about) was on it, AND Mink De Ville AND Suzy Quattro. Those were the days...not a hint of Susan Boyle. Did you see her on "Britain's got Talent", she was robbed...ooops, sorry Martin!

    Lots of love from BGT-free Bologna xxx

  2. Ah, Suzy Quatro :o)

    Hello Gail

  3. While we're on a Suzi Quatro tip, there's still a couple of days to hear the BBC's brilliant documentary about Chinn and Chapman, the genius team behind all those glam classics (Blockbuster, Ballroom Blitz, Devil Gate Drive, Tiger Feet, you name it), and later on the great Blondie stuff too. Quatro's stuff's covered well, including interview with her

  4. I enjoy House, and Dollhouse--I especially like the Sierra and Victor scenes. There's also another Joss actor who shows up later in the season.

    And I find mention of BGT on a sport radio channel baffling.