Sunday, December 16, 2007

Werewolf this Christmas

Last post for Christmas mail in Britain is the 20th, which means there's still time to solve your Christmas present dilemmas by purchasing signed copies of Lonely Werewolf Girl for your loved ones. Available now from my website. Lonely Werewolf Girl will make the ideal Christmas present. And why will it make the ideal Christmas present? Because I want you to buy a copy of course. What finer reason could there be?

Airmail abroad usually takes 5-7 days so normally there would still be time to rush it to your humble shack in the Alaskan wilderness, except I notice that the last posting date for Christmas airmail has actually now passed, so maybe not. But it might get there in time anyway, I always send these books out as soon as the order arrives.

Of course, having a copy of Lonely Werewolf Girl arrive a few days after Christmas isn't such a bad idea anyway. It might go a long way towards healing the damage you've done by buying your sister a really crappy present, or throwing up in the kitchen at your parents' little Christmas soirée for the neighbours.

My kettle broke! Just stopped working, without warning. And this only days after the hobnob biscuit crisis came to light. It's like the Gods are against me having tea and biscuits. Am now heading to the shops to buy some cheap replacement, before settling down to hurl abuse at the television during the Arsenal Chelsea match.

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