Friday, January 04, 2008

2008. Hmm

Christmas at my brother's was less chaotic than I anticipated. My nephews - generally fond of rampaging around the house - seemed pleased with their presents, and retreated to their rooms to play with them.

One of these presents being a WWE wrestling ring complete with action figures which I would have quite liked to play with. But you know what children are like. Unwilling to do the decent thing, and move aside to let their uncles play with their new toys on Christmas day. Selfish, really.

Emerged from Christmas into a dedicated period of watching football on TV over New Year - Arsenal going well - finally poked my nose out the door yesterday and realised it's really cold out there, so retreated back inside to sleep on the couch and get over it all.

Plans are afoot to reprint Suzy, Led Zeppelin and Me some time this year. I'm pleased. It was a good book and deserved better than for the original publisher to go out of business, thereby sinking it without trace.


  1. mollymillions10:36 am

    i loved suzie led zep etc. unfortunately i lent my copy to a 'friend' up in glasgow and have never seen it again. i have a yahoo 360 page blog thing which isn't worth a visit, but i met a really good friend on that page in america by searching on a mutual interest in your books. cool. i'll send her a copy as well as buying myself a new one when you get it republished. good luck.

  2. Yay!! I shall definately buy a copy of the reprint!!! Possibly several.
    My wrestling and other action figures are in storage for the move, we didn't think they created the right "buy me" vibe for the house. Humph.