Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thrilling new pen

Yesterday I bought a pen designed for writing on CDs. It works really well. I’m amazed I didn’t buy this years ago. If I had, I wouldn’t have loads of computer CDs lying around without knowing what’s on any of them. Valuable copies of my work? Unwanted music downloads? Humiliating things I should have thrown out? Useless early drafts of abandoned novels? Dubious pornography?

I’ve no idea. I notice that after I copy something onto a CD I never seem to look at it again, so probably none of it is important. The CDs just lie there, taking up space.

Nonetheless I am pleased with my new pen. Except I will inevitably lose it. Perhaps I should have bought one of these pen holder things. You know, with little holes in it for keeping your pens in. But I expect if I was the sort of person who kept his pens all neat and tidy, I probably wouldn’t be an author.

* that makes no sense whatsoever. *

I know, I was just groping for some sort of reason for my catastrophic untidiness. Living room carpet currently hidden beneath ocean of papers, clothes, plates, CDs and other assorted junk.

* shakes fist at carpet *

Living TV are now repeating the first series of Veronica Mars, which I didn't see, so I've been viewing this eagerly, through the night. She's so plucky. You can't help admiring her.

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