Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cat Rescue

I strolled round the supermarket and, as I generally do, bought some cat food to put in the cat rescue bin, where they collect supplies for the cat shelter. Usually I buy Whiskas. I think cats generally like this, though I admit I'm not an expert on cat food.

No doubt when my tins of food arrive their is general rejoicing among the cats as they stampede towards their feeding bowls, with cries of "We're saved! Millar has sent supplies!"

Possibly I am a hero among homeless cats everywhere.

Or, more likely, the cats wander over to the food, turn their noses up, and wander away again, muttering "You expect us to eat this? Are you crazy?"

Stupid cats.

The new series of The OC has started off well. Unfortunately this is the last series. It's been cancelled in the USA. Sigh. All TV shows I like get cancelled. I fear for the future of Veronica Mars.


  1. Rest easy Martin. You are a cat hero. Cats all like Whiskas - except for maybe one or two who are too fussy to be worth bothering with.

  2. Hi Peter, good to hear from you again. I'm now off to investigate your blog.