Saturday, February 03, 2007

Great Sock Crisis

Being agoraphobic, I don't do much shopping. There's a supermarket nearby, so I can buy food, but at present I can't travel much further than that.

This led, inevitably, to the Great Sock Crisis which threatened to overwhelm me recently. I discovered I had hardly any left. Some had worn out, some had been transported to different dimensions via the washing machine, and I suspect the rest may have been hidden by mischievous house fairies.

Yesterday I had to visit the dentist, a longer journey than I normally make, and not one I relish. Fortunately, this dental visit involved no pain or suffering. I was in and out quickly. Emboldened by this, rather than hurrying home as quickly as I could, I rushed to the Marks and Spencer in Brixton and loaded up with supplies, ending the sock crisis with a decisive purchase of a seven-pack of cotton-rich footwear. Feet are now well supplied with comfy new attire.

That was good. But by this time I really felt I'd been out the house too long, and I became more anxious, and had to hurry home.

So. A small success. Though as you can tell, I'm not making much progress with the agoraphobia. Self-help is not really going well. I'm on a waiting list for more therapy, but I've no idea when it will arrive.

A new Buffy comic, written by Joss Whedon, is on the way! This is quite an exciting development in the Buffyworld. I've never really taken to the Buffy comics before, but it's good to hear that Joss is now going to continue the slayer-story after the end of the TV series. No doubt I will have a lot more to say about this later. Endless amounts, probably. OK, I will never stop going on about it.


  1. Please be careful, the Small Gods of Kitchen Appliances will be after yer seven pack. When placing them in the washing portal, make sure they are tied together securely.

  2. I'm taking extra care... but it's difficult, there are strong forces at work here.

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