Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Three Hundred Spartans

I'm interested to see that Warner are making a new film about the Spartans at Thermopylae. I'd be excited if I thought there was any chance of them making a good film, but I suppose the chances of a good Hollywood film about Greek history are quite low.

The Spartans' heroic resistance against Xerxes and the Persian invasion in 480 BC was the subject of a previous film - 300 Spartans, in 1962 - which wasn't too bad but suffered from being low budget. I expect the new film will have a huge budget, but I fear it will be hopelessly inaccurate. Who knows though, perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised. Maybe it will be a great movie. Will hope for the best.

The Spartans were heroic in the face of overwhelming odds, but so were the Athenians. Shortly after Thermopylae the Athenian navy, under the brilliant leadership of Themistocles, destroyed the Persian fleet at the battle of Salamis, which sent Xerxes fleeing for home. Salamis could be said to be the battle which saved western civilisation. (Yes it could. Don't argue.) Soon afterwards, the Greeks defeated the Persians at Platea and Mycale, thereby ending the threat from Persia.

Hmm. I could make a really good film about all this. Well, if I could make films that is, which I can't, obviously. So I'll just have to stick to complaining about other people's.

Continuing on the theme of high culture, Desperate Housewives starts its new series on Channel 4 tonight. I'm looking forward to this. Season two wasn't so good really, but I'm hoping for a return to form.

* which desperate housewife would you most like a date with? *

Hmmm. It's a difficult choice. Gabrielle is the most attractive, but I think Edie Britt would definitely be the most fun to be with.

"Edie, I've got this filthy and perverted story coming up in the January edition of Skin Two, and I thought you might like to... eh... maybe act out a few highlights... well... eh... OK, never mind. Sorry for bothering you... "


  1. I agree that the second series of Horny Housewives left a lot to be desired and commiserate with the demise of Buffy(we must move on!) I drifted into 'Angel' for a while and then on to 'Dead Like Me', but I have to say that there is not much that lures me in front of the tellybox at the moment.
    Happy New Year to you, and hope yer film and tv desires come to fruition.

  2. Happy New Year Minx.

    It's so hard to move on from Buffy... sigh... I never really loved Angel.

  3. Anonymous1:57 am

    i just found your sight after being a
    fan of yours for many years.I too suffer from an ilness(alcoholism)and can well imagine how you feel living with agoraphobia.Don't give yourself
    such a hard time about things-being a
    perfectionist is fucking hard work!Thanks for taking me out of my head-space for a while and not destroying my liver in the process.Tim T Poole,Dorset

  4. Anonymous9:45 pm

    chances of a good hollywood film are quite low...period!Have found myself
    moving away from US/UK movies as the production companies like films made from construction kits.The trailer for 300 looks interesting but trailers can polish the smelliest of turds, can't they?Recently watched Vital a japanese flick, my review is on god the rest of the world isn't churning out so many no-brainers!